Do you have big money goals, that make you feel nervous, numb or even nauseous?

This free training will help you to understand why you have such an emotional reaction to your big goals, and start to clear your limiting beliefs and money blocks.

When you’re not aligned to your goals, it can show up as:

  • feeling stuck, frozen or unsure of what to do next
  • issues with visibility, marketing, and sales
  • procrastination, self-sabotage, and general ineffectiveness (as well as perhaps overeating!)
  • working hard and not seeing the financial rewards

This training will help you to:

  • speak, write and believe in your BIG Q4 income goal with confidence
  • raise your energetic income level so you can charge your worth, receive more money and reach your goals
  • learn a simple and effective strategy (EFT) to consistently stay in alignment with your BIG goals!!

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