Tapping to break through your income ceiling


Breaking through your income ceiling! Everybody wants to make more money. So let’s start with a question. Do you set a goal for your income or do you strongly believe that you cannot move beyond that income ceiling?

As a financial coach, I hear from many people. From business owners and  entrepreneurs to salaried people. And a lot people believe, sometimes quite strongly, that there’s an income ceiling that’s capping their earnings.

And that they can’t move beyond it.

Barriers to Making More Money

Believing that you cannot go beyond your current level of income is nothing but a mental barrier. There are many reasons that people believe they cannot make more money. Here are some thoughts people think:

  • My peers are working really hard, but making no progress.
  • Since I’m an entrepreneur, I’m going to have to hustle and work really hard to make more money.
  • People in my line of work can’t make more money
  • I don’t deserve to earn more money 

Here is the truth.

If you believe that there’s a ceiling or a cap over your income, that thought will stop you from setting bold income goals and making more money.

When you believe that you have to work hard to breakthrough to the next income, you’ll resist setting goals and going after them. 

Isn’t it high time you dissolved these myths and earned more money?

Tapping to go Beyond your Income Goals

I’ve made this video to help you get over the resistance and fear you might be feeling about what it takes to setting bolder income goals – and go after them

Join me. Let’s do a little bit of tapping and hopefully get rid of the belief that you need to work hard, you need to push through, and still… you won’t be able to break through your income ceiling.

Did you watch the entire video on how to get more of those income goals?

Now, just take a deep breath in and exhale.


How to Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Business and Make More Money

If you have a sneaking suspicion that you could be making more money…

And you’re ready to dive deep to unblock the stubborn inner resistance that gets in your way and stops you from breaking through your income ceiling, join me on Wednesday, November 20th. I’m running a Free Training:

From Scarcity to Abundance: How to Shift Your Mindset, Transform Your Business and Make More Money

10am New York / 3pm London / 5pm Israel.

>> Click here to register. <<

If you can’t make it live, register and I’ll send you the replay.

I look forward to helping you make more money, keep more money, and embrace greater abundance. 

Sending you blessings on your journey to breaking through your income ceiling and earning more money. It is your time and you are ready for it!

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