How to bring more money into your business

Do you ever wish you could just bring more money into your business with zero effort? Would your life become easier if you could?


I can’t help with zero effort strategies, because they don’t really exist. But there are simple ways to bring more money into your business, no matter what your business is.


Make an offer


Sometimes, we just need to be proactive in business! If it’s been a while since you’ve shared an offer to the wider world, start there.


How you make an offer depends on your business, and where your clients might be found. You could send out an email to your mailing list, reach out to former clients and share your newest products and services, or share an offer on your Facebook page.


Reach out to someone


Collaboration can be a great way to bring in more business. See if you can find someone in your network or local area who has a similar niche. Reach out to them, see what they offer, and come up with an idea of how you can work together. You could offer a workshop, a package, or some other form of collaboration.


When you approach someone about working together, make sure it makes sense for them to work with you. It can be easy to get excited about what a collaboration can do for your business. But you want to explain to them why it’s a no-brainer opportunity for them as well.



Bring more money into your business

Collaboration is a great way to bring more money into your business.



Pass on unsuitable clients


When you’re looking to bring more money in, it can be hard to pass on clients. You might feel like there’s only a finite amount of money and business out there.


But when you have someone who is not the right fit for your services, it’s best to refer them to someone who is better able to help them. I believe that G-d is abundant. He can give us everything we need to thrive in business.


There will always be the right clients to work with. By breaking out of the mindset that there is a limited supply, you leave space for the people who need your services.


Repackage your current offerings


If your services are quite simple, getting a sale can be as easy as repackaging them into a new bundle. It could be a number of appointments, or a mix of services if you offer more than one.


Once you’ve come up with a package, make sure you share it with your potential and current clients.


Maintain your boundaries


When you work for an employer, you have boundaries around the time you spend and what you do in that time. But when you freelance or are self-employed, the lines can blur.


The slips can be small. You might offer a 60-minute session for $100. But when you serve those clients, you tend to spend closer to 75 minutes with them. If this happens with just one client each day, you’re giving away over $100 of your income every week.


In this case, you need to either stick to your time limit or charge extra if the session runs over. You could change up the way you do business by offering 75-minute sessions for $125.


The same goes for giving away free advice. We want to help other people and to be liked. But you can’t spend all of your time giving advice away.


Figure out some point where it’s time to cut the conversation off – maybe after 5 minutes, or even 10. Once you hit that time limit, let them know that you’re happy to help further if they’d like to book an appointment.


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Send out the invoice


Some people are able to do the work for their clients without any problem. But when it comes to sending out invoices, we can procrastinate. This leaves money hanging in the balance – money that you have earned.


You might want to explore why asking for the money is a problem for you. Is it fear of rejection, negative feedback or low self-esteem?


Organize your calendar


Perhaps, what you really need is to organize your calendar better to include time for the admin tasks. As a business owner, you need to bring more money into your business to remain a going concern. Set aside a specific day each week or an hour at the end of every workday for sending out invoices.



Bring more money into your business

Organize your calendar and set aside time to send out invoices.



Work on your mindset


If you’re like most people, you get excited, inspired even, by the thought of making more money.


Until the inner skeptic joins the conversation:


“What, you? Who do you think you are? You can’t make that kind of money!”


Or maybe your inner skeptic sounds like this: “Impossible! No one’s going to pay that price!”


And how’s this for negative self-talk: “If I make that much money, I’m going to have to work really hard to do it. I’ll have no time for family, friends, and exercise.”


Sound familiar?


So here’s the thing. If you’re an achiever, having an income goal that feels uncomfortable or impossible will make you feel demoralized! To overcome your inner skeptic, figure out what’s pushing back inside of you. When you can uproot and dissolve those crippling feelings and emotions, you will open the door to bringing more money into your business.


The world needs your unique gifts and talents! Keep showing up, offering your products and services, sending out invoices, and strengthening your mindset. Do what it takes to keep money flowing abundantly into your business.


If you’d like to know how you can bring more money into your business, let’s talk! I’d love to see how I can best support you. Click here to set up a free 30-minute Mini-Consult.




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