Building a business requires commitment

Building a business requires commitment


Building a business requires COMMITMENT.

Commitment is a contract you make with yourself to show up and create the result you desire – no. matter. what.

It’s kind of like marriage.

When you get married you commit to ONE person. You commit to showing up for each other, figuring it out through all the highs and lows, and creating an amazing relationship.

No. matter. what.

(I know it doesn’t always work out – but on your wedding day at least, you’re committed).

Of course the infatuation stage will wane. You’ll be exhausted and overworked. You’ll get sick. There will be days when you barely have strength to put food on the table. There will be arguments…

Your brain might even come up with reasons why this isn’t the perfect partner, the relationship isn’t what you were hoping for, and why you might be better off splitting up.


…if you’re committed to making the relationship work, you figure it out. Despite the times when you’re feeling frustrated, angry, and annoyed.

Because you decided and committed. Your business is like that too.

Building a business requires commitment

You constrain to doing ONE thing. And you commit.

Then you dive in and diligently work toward creating the result you want.

And you know what happens next?

Your brain creates doubt: Maybe I should offer a different product or service? Maybe I should be in a different niche? Maybe this isn’t working and I should get a real job?

There will be dissenters, disagree-ers, and haters.

People will leave you angry face emojis on Facebook.

Other folks will get more engagement on social media. They’ll make more money faster. They’ll be doing it ‘right’.

And you’ll just want to disappear into a book, or a movie, or a hole in the ground.

When you’re building your business, you’ve got to manage your mind.

You have to feel the urgency of all the things that pop up to distract you – cooking, exercising, reading, scrolling, Netflix-ing, chatting on the phone…..

and say NO!

You’ve got to commit and recommit to working toward your ONE goal…because building a business requires commitment

Here’s the thing.

It is SO MUCH EASIER to not get lost in distraction if you create a PLAN for how you’re going to manage the distractions and obstacles that WILL inevitably arise.

Here’s a 5-step process for creating your Distraction Plan:

  1. Step back from from your business
  2. Create a 1-year goal for the results you want to create in your business (results = money)
  4. Brainstorm ALL the obstacles that will likely get in the way of you getting from here to there
  5. CREATE A STRATEGY for getting around, through, under, over each and every obstacle


People don’t plan to fail. They fail to plan.

If you’re committed to creating your results, slow down, stop hustling, and do this.


Questions from my client

My client F. asked me today how I stay committed and continue to show up to create my results – in spite of all. the. stuff.

Here’s my answer: I get coached. At least once a week. Sometimes multiple times. Because just like you, I have a human brain. It wants me to run and hide just in case a tiger jumps out from Facebook and ambushes me.

If you want to tame your inner tiger so you can stay committed, keep showing up, serve YOUR clients, and create results (i.e. money), apply for coaching here.

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