You probably have this backwards. Because most people do.

You think that once you make $10K a month in your business, you’ll be more confident.

When you make $20,000 a month, you’ll be courageous.

$100k a month… fearless.

But that’s not how it works.

Money does NOT create confidence.

MORE money does NOT create MORE confidence.

Massive action DOES.

Confidence is a muscle

Confidence is like a muscle

Confidence is a muscle you build by taking bold steps and doing the scary thing.

With your heart pumping out of your chest and butterflies loop-de-looping in your belly.

Confidence is a muscle you build when you try, fail, get back up, brush yourself off and do it all again.

Without making it mean anything about you.

Knowing you’ve got your own back.

If you want to make more money in your business, stop waiting for confidence to land like a spacecraft from outer space.

Start taking bold action now.

And let’s be real here…

It’s not easy to keep taking bold steps forward. Which is why so many entrepreneurs waste time watching Netflix and money buying $37 solutions Band-Aids to their problems.

If you want to permanently change the way you build your business and PROFIT massively, apply to get coached by me.

We start building your dream business right away. It will feel exhilarating and hair-raising at the same time. It will feel achy in a satisfying kind of way. Just like building muscles. And yes confidence is a muscle!

Connect with me and let’s get talking! 

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