You’ve heard it all your life. Save for a rainy day. Build a comfortable nest egg to secure your future. Yet, when you think of investing, it all seems overwhelming and scary.

And so, it’s important that you look at ways to overcome what’s holding you back and conquer your fear of investing.

So you can grow your money for the future.

5 ways to conquer your fear of investing

Where do you see yourself in a year? Five years? Ten years? Do you have a plan that can help you understand your future financial needs? And do you sense fear when you think of investing because you have no idea what to do?

In this Vlog, I speak about 5 ways to conquer your fear of investing:

  1. Splitting your investments into small-term, mid-term and long-term buckets.
  2. Getting curious about this amorphous thing called investing and discovering how to take better care of yourself.
  3. Feeling comfortable and confident asking questions of your financial advisor.
  4. Diversifying your investments to reduce your risk.
  5. Keeping assets in your name to protect yourself against losses and unscrupulous investment managers.

It’s time you move beyond the fears and get used to investing to live a comfortable and secure life.

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