Do you have a dirty little money secret

Is your money out of control and you’re living in a financial mess?

Does your cash run out before month end?

Are you late paying taxes or perhaps you haven’t filed in a few years?

Do you feel worried and stressed about your financial situation?

I have news for you: You’re so not alone.

From my experience working with hundreds of people, I can tell you that lots of folks have a dirty little money secret: they’re living in financial chaos. With financial anxiety, guilt, and shame that overshadow their confidence and sense of self-worth. And get in the way of sorting things out.

For business owners and senior executives, in particular, the flagrant contradiction between their carefully handcrafted public persona and their inner personal reality can be jarring and deflating.

If this sounds familiar, check out this video. Using the mind/body tool EFT Tapping, I help you dissolve and release your negative feelings. When you release the blocks that keep you stuck and avoiding your situation, it’s easier to accept where you are right now – with love and forgiveness – and move forward.


If your business and/or your personal finances are a mess, feel free to tap through the sequence multiple times. Tap until you feel calmer and lighter. Until you get relief from the anxiety and mind gremlins that keep you spinning. When you create an inner sense of peace it’s easier to embrace your money, to love your money, and to take care of your money – however it looks today. So your money can take care of you.

If you’re ready to sort out your money from the inside out, schedule a free 60-minute mini-consult. I’d love to help you transform your relationship with money and create more abundance in your life.

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