Fast Gratitude Tips for the Fast of Esther


Haman really needed to work on his gratitude skills!

Today is the Fast of Esther, commemorating the three-day fast observed by the Jewish people in the story of Purim, when Haman (Boo! Hiss!) plotted to wipe us out.

We all know the end of the story – through hidden miracles G-d turned things around, saving the Jews and putting an end Haman’s diabolical schemes.

My stomach is rumbling and my Purim to-do list is longer than the line of maidens outside Achashveirosh’s palace, but I still find this a great day to stop and reflect in gratitude!

Here are just a few of the blessings I want to savor:

  1. I am blessed to live in Eretz Yisrael, the Holy Land.
  2. I have a wonderful and healthy husband, children and grandchildren who bless me each day with life, love, laughter and laundry and in even more ways than I can count.
  3. I have the best neighbors one could ask for!
  4. Walking the streets this past Shabbat I saw an almond tree in bloom – grateful for the coming Spring and time of renewal.
  5. Grateful to my parents who continue to shower me and my family with love. As a child they empowered me with life skills by not giving me everything I wanted, compelling me to learn the value of hard work and resourcefulness.
  6. So grateful for people born with creative genius. Who paint our world with color and excitement, beautiful songs and prose.
  7. Thank you to my website builder Naomi Elbinger who got this beautiful site up and running with her creative genius. Naomi just launched her new business Yes Potential. She’s ready to get your new website going for a super discounted price if you sign up before Purim. She’s in Jerusalem, so I think that means you can sign up until Friday. Get it while you can.

That took me about three minutes to think of seven things to be grateful for and now I feel GREAT and FULL.

But what has this got to do with your finances?


One of my core messages is that wealth is a state of mind. When we’re grateful for what we have we feel more abundant. Even if our finances are tight, we can feel awed by how much we have.

We don’t want to be like Haman (Boo! Hiss!). Even though he reached the pinnacle of status, power and riches, he still came home to his mansion and told his wife that none of it was worth anything to him so long as Mordechai refused to bow to him.

Let’s take a moment to enjoy the blessings in our life!

Happy Purim!

Fast Gratitude Tips for the Fast of Esther Pin - Debbie Sassen

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