Beginners guide to wealth creation

guide to wealth creation

Along the journey to saving and investing and getting your financial house in order, you may have the urge to just give up. Wealth creation is not a simple task. Sometimes that urge to quit happens before you’ve even begun. It’s oh so easy to get discouraged and overwhelmed when you think about all the financial obligations you’ll have in the future given your financial reality right now. But then again, building wealth is easy if you take small steps. Here is my beginners guide to wealth creation.

Beginners guide to wealth creation – Start slowly

I have a secret to share with you. With just a small change to your mindset, you’ll often find that your goals are actually a lot more doable than you think. I’ll illustrate this with of a couple of encounters I had with two ordinary people during a trip to Dallas last year. These are their stories and their guide to wealth creation.

Living Your Dream… One Small Step at a Time

The first conversation was with a shuttle driver. When I arrived in Dallas, I took a Super Shuttle from the airport to my hotel. The driver, who was originally from Sierra Leone, Africa, asked where I was from. When I answered, “Israel,” his eyes lit up instantly. “I’d really love to visit Israel one day,” he said and then proceeded to wax lyrical about all the holy sites he was familiar with. I suggested that if he really wants to make it happen, he should create an “Israel Fund.” Setting aside one dollar a day, every single day, I figure that in two years’ time he’ll have enough money to buy an off-season ticket, when prices are low.

Upon reaching my hotel, I gave the driver a generous tip and said he can use it to start his Israel fund. He loved the idea! And I really, really hope that one day soon his dream will come true.

Setting Aside for Your Dream… One Small Step at a Time

The second conversation was with the airline attendant. It was a slow afternoon when I arrived at the American Airlines counter to check in for my return flight to Israel. I guess I must have arrived a little early. I chatted cheerfully with the woman behind the counter who told me that she’d love to visit Israel one day. (Do you sense a theme here?!) I recounted my conversation with the shuttle driver and suggested that she set aside $2 a day in a vacation fund. Since she knows high season and low season ticket prices pretty well, we figured that in a year or so, she’ll have enough money to get to the Holy Land.

For both the driver and the airline attendant, a light bulb went off in their minds when I made this simple suggestion. It hadn’t occurred to either one of them how simple and straightforward it could actually be to turn their dreams into reality.

This is true for many of us. The guide to wealth is right within us if we choose to tap it. 

Overcoming hurdles is as important as a guide to wealth creation

We face hurdles and resistance when it comes to doing something new or creating change in our lives – many of which are inner struggles. It might be that dream vacation you want to take, like my friends in Dallas. Or, perhaps you want to play a musical instrument, eat more healthfully, workout and become more physically fit, build a beautiful business… Or, perhaps you want to invest your money and grow your wealth.

I know that when I personally set my heart on something, I can get impatient and want to see results NOW… or, even yesterday. And sometimes I lack the mental fortitude to keep going, because it can get tough in the trenches.

But slow, consistent and deliberate action plus working on our mindset, is where the magic lies.

This is especially true when it comes to saving, investing and building wealth. All it takes is one small step, one small commitment to get started on your journey to building real, lasting wealth. That is your guide to wealth creation.

And, unlike other areas of our lives, with investing there is always tangible feedback – we see how much money we’ve accumulated and how our money grows. This feedback lets us know just how far we’ve come and how close we are to fulfilling our dreams.

Want to turn your financial dreams into a reality? Reach out for a free Get Acquainted Call.

Beginners Guide to Wealth Creation Pin - Debbie Sassen

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