I am Debbie Sassen.

I teach Jewish coaches and service providers how to make more money and build wealth, without sacrificing their families.

Does this sound like you?

You never have enough—time, money, clients, and play

Underpricing the value of what you bring to your clients

Unclear how to manage your biz & personal money

Stuck in a shame cycle from working so hard with so little to show for it

Inconsistent cash flow—despite trying “everything”

Procrastination takes the form of more—courses, platforms, programs, learning.

You have so many ideas—and hopscotch between them, not moving your life or your business forward. Honestly, it’s frustrating and exhausting.


Your lack of sustained success isn’t due to defaults in your intelligence, ability, education, or your passion. It’s because your subconscious money blocks are keeping you stuck.

Download my free workbook to clear the hidden blocks that keep you stuck and playing small.

I help Jewish entrepreneurs transform their relationship with money and create fabulously successful businesses because:

Having more money invites more opportunities

Creating wealth means having a bigger impact

Clearing your money blocks brings healing, authority, and agency

Having wealth creates financial freedom and choice

When you can receive wholeheartedly, you can give wholeheartedly


Unraveling your money story will transform your business and your life.

My vow to you is that together, we’ll:

Uncover and release your generational beliefs and fears

Unlock your passion and purpose

Meet you where you are and support you on the journey to your transformed life — NO cookie-cutter approach (because you deserve it!)

Six months from now, you could be in a whole new space. What are you waiting for?

She helped us find the courage to charge our worth and say no to money in order to grow.

Financially-savvy, business-minded and super smart, we can’t recommend Debbie highly enough as a fantastic resource for anyone growing or scaling a business. We started working with Debbie at a relatively early stage in our business and she provided insights, motivation and strategies that helped us take a massive leap forward. She helped us find the courage to charge our worth and say no to money in order to grow. We often say to each other  “what would Debbie tell us to do?” when we come up against challenges!

We particularly love the way she combines hardcore business and financial know-how with more esoteric, yet equally important, stuff like how to get motivated, unearth and neutralize limiting beliefs and avoid procrastination.

Give yourself the gift of a business mentor that will take you places you never believed you’d reach – we did and couldn’t be happier!

Debbie Friedman + Emily Kirschenbaum | Content Marketing + Copywriting, Purple Chia

What you get with Debbie

experienced coach

Experienced Coach

Debbie is a certified Life and Money Coach, who has worked with entrepreneurs just like you for more than ten years.

She helps entrepreneurs release old fears and blocks so they can finally create the business and life they dream of—and deserve.

If you’re looking for someone to walk with you on your journey, hold you accountable, and help you reach your goals, Debbie can be that for you.

mindset master

Mindset Master

Women have been taught by example that money is bad, wanting money is greedy, and talking about money is in poor taste. Some even believe that managing money is a “man’s job.”

Debbie believes that having money creates opportunities, allows for greater impact, and provides freedom.

Unraveling your money stories will transform your business and your life.

money maven

Money Maven

In addition to her economics degree from Smith College and decades of working in the financial sector, Debbie made mistakes—costly ones. She knows how easy it is to find yourself in a heap of financial stress.

So she really understands how you’re feeling—and she can support you in transforming your business and your financial future.

My clients are just like you: Intelligent, go-getting women who know they are meant to achieve big things but can’t seem to get out of their own way—and they don’t know why.

After working with Debbie for six months I 10x’d my income.

When we started working together my business was slowly dying. I knew that I wanted to grow it, but I had no idea how. I didn’t have any strategy and I didn’t know how to run a sales conversation.

Debbie helped me build strategy. She filled in the how and pushed me way out of my comfort zone. Plus, we worked through a ton of mindset stuff. Mindset is an enormous, big deal.

Slowly my business grew and grew. After working with Debbie for six months I 10x’d my income. I absolutely recommend working with her.

Bev Chimes | Life Coach

I view myself as the expert and authority in my field.

When Debbie and I started working together, I was working part-time in my business and debating how to grow it. After six months together, I wrote a book, created an online course, and transitioned to working in my business full-time. Debbie gave me the push to go all in. She really believes in my mission and in what I’m doing. My mindset has changed. I view myself as the expert and authority in my field. I create offers and products and sell them while being successful helping people doing what I love. That’s very exciting.

I like Debbie’s mix of mindset work and practical tools, plus her experience from working with a bunch of different people.

Yonina Rubinstein | S*xuality Educator and Coach

Things that I never thought I would be able to do with ease are suddenly not a big deal.

Six months ago, I was feeling very stuck in my business. I was spending a tremendous amount of effort trying to move forward. I found it extremely daunting. Within a few weeks of working together, I ran a successful campaign for my online course with very little drama. It just seemed to flow, with ease and pleasure.

That was a major shift in my business. And I’ve continued to see a nice growth since we started working together. Things that used to be hard have become easier. Things that I never thought I would be able to do with ease are suddenly not a big deal. And above all else, I’m taking responsibility and viewing this as my business. It’s my project, my baby. I went from having a hobby business to taking responsibility for income and growth.

I highly recommend working with Debbie. She’s wonderful and authentic, honest and lovable. She’ll wisely push you along and not let you sink back into the drama. That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you, Debbie, for being that person in my life and in my business.

Faigy Pollock | Marriage & Intimacy Expert, EFT Practitioner

I’m more empowered as a business owner.

I didn’t realize how much money fog I was in before working with Debbie. While I was confident in the transformations I provide, I had blocks about being seen and showing up as the expert I’ve worked so hard to become. I was still afraid of asking for money, despite having already sold private and group coaching programs.

As a result of the work we did together, my relationship with money feels more aligned than ever before. I’m more consistent in putting myself out there and talking to people about what I do in a way that feels authentic and joyful. No more hiding, feeling distant, or being afraid to make an offer. I’m more empowered as a business owner.

I recommend Debbie’s service for anyone who wants to end the cycle of money fog and patterns that hold you back from getting to your next level in business.

Devora Gila Berkowitz | Intuitive Life Coach and Divine Energy Healer

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