How I created $107,489 in 10 months


How I created 107489 in 10 months


In 2019 it took me 13 months to cross the 6-figure mark in my business. In 2020, I crossed that line on October 16th. That’s 3 1/2 months less, or 27% more quickly for the math geeks like me 🙂

Here’s the exact breakdown of how I created $107,489 in 10 months of 2020

I show up in my business like it’s my job

I get dressed and put on make-up every day (not always with shoes on)

I manage my time better than I have ever done before (this is a growth area for me)

I have more fun in my business

I experiment with different ways of offering value and sharing my gifts & expertise

I let non-essential things go

I simplified what I do to ONE simple offer

I closed my Membership Program after one year

I let go of clients

I issued a refund for $2500

I had a painful ‘breakup’ with a former colleague that left me feeling like I’d done open heart surgery on myself – but ultimately released me to do things in my unique way

I have confidence in what I do. I was an entrepreneur – with the proverbial lemonade stand and a coffee + donut business – from the age of 10.

I LOVE selling. Every job I had in my early teens and twenties involved selling

I evaluate the consults I have with potential clients and tweak the process for next time

I work on thinking that I am enough

I actively work on feeling that in this moment I have everything I need

I work on believing that MY clients are Divinely contracted to work with me and they’re waiting for me to show up

I receive mindset coaching at least once a week which helps me see the negative thoughts/feelings in my mind/body so I can change them

I do scary things and allow myself to feel ALL the feelings

I stopped hustling so much in between my family priorities

I remind myself that I am here to change the world – one client at a time

I thank the Almighty every day for His grace and graciousness

You’re here to change the world, too.

You’ve had enough spinning plates, trying all the things, stopping and starting, feeling overwhelmed AND…thinking that it’s never going to happen to you.

But it will!

There are no special unicorns out there.

Your thriving, 6-figure business, doing what you love, making a BIG impact in the world is closer than you think. Let’s get started.

Click here to schedule a free 60-minute consult using my online scheduler.

We’ll hop on Zoom and see if we’re a good fit. If so, we’ll schedule our first session. I send you an invoice & client agreement and we get started.


Let’s make it happen.

P.S. YOUR clients, who are Divinely contracted to work with YOU, are waiting for you to show up. Click here to get started. That’s how I created $107,489 in 10 months – and you can do it too!

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