I spend time getting to know my money mindset, clearing my limiting beliefs and up-leveling my relationship with money. So, I thought it would be fun to explore what it would be like if money were my lover.

Here is what it means to me. I hope you’ll play along with me.

If money were my lover….

If money were my lover

… I’d move through the day with a smile in my eyes, joy in my heart, and a skip in my step.

… I would think about how his presence enhances my life and daydream about our next rendezvous.

I’d feel attractive and sexy even when he wasn’t around. I’d toy with my thoughts to increase desire.

I wouldn’t hold onto him so tightly that he’d feel strangled and suffocated. Giving him space to breathe, flourish, and do his thing in the world would bring more magic into our relationship.


Investing for the future


If money were my long-term lover – not a short-term fling – I’d invest in our future. I’d make consistent deposits in our love bank that would compound over time.

I’d plan for our golden years together.

If money were my lover, I might buy some toys to titillate my senses and heighten our pleasure. A sleek, smooth, pale pink leather wallet with a pewter clasp might be just the thing.

I’d create a safe container filled with gratitude and appreciation, so he’d get cozy and comfortable in my life.


Cultivating a loving relationship with money

If money were my lover

If money were my lover, I’d carve out time in my week for us. Date night with candles, a glass of wine, and a piece (or two) of bittersweet chocolate would deepen the experience.

I wouldn’t cling to him so tightly that I’d stunt his growth and sabotage our relationship. I’d let him share his gifts with the world. I’d feel happy and excited to spend him on products and services that add value to my life, give charity, and support causes that are important to us.

I’d know that in my essence and my being I am worthy. I am enough. His presence in my life doesn’t change who I am. It simply gives me resources to increase my generosity and impact.


if money were my lover


If money were my lover, I’d stash some of him away in a Rainy-Day fund for the unexpected things that always happen. That’s how I’d reduce stress and strain on our relationship. If money were my lover, I’d know that just like the moon, relationships wax and wane. When I don’t see him or he seems small and distant, his existence is solid, dependable, and constant in my life.

I’d know that the heated, impassioned, infatuation of our youth gives way to comforting warmth, sustainability, and peace. An inner confidence that we are meant for each other, mutually giving and receiving pleasure.

If money were my lover, I’d know that it’s not about just the two of us. Sometimes we create an island in time to get close, make out, make love, and fill each other up with possibility and potential. And then, when we leave our nest and go out into the world, we show up and give more, serve more, and make a bigger difference.


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Are you ready to make make money your lover?

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