Making Money vs Building a Business

MAKING money is an activity.

Something you do.

Just like…
You make a cake.
You make your bed.
You make a phone call.
You make an appointment.
You make a birthday party for your child.

You make the thing. And then it’s done.

Making Money vs Building a Business

When you’re an entrepreneur, you BUILD a business.

You’re invested in a long-term process.

It’s not a one and done, like a cake.

So you have to make strategic decisions that serve your business AND your life.

Like having a financial reserve in your bank account and calendar space in your week for life to happen.

Because life always happens.

Sometimes you’re going to take time off from your business because…
… you’re pregnant or having a baby.
… your daughter is having a baby
… you move house
… your kids are distance learning
… you drive cross country to get your daughter settled into college
… you fly across the world to visit your parents
… you go away for winter break in Ibiza (anywhere would be good)

Getting back to business

When you get back to work you might start worrying money. Wondering where the next client or the next buck is coming from.

You might look around the online world and think that everyone has gotten so visible while you were away. They’re galloping ahead and you’re falling behind.

You might even be feeling a little jealous or pissed off that you had to take a break (unless, of course, you went to Ibiza).


Your brain is just being a brat. It’s a little rusty. It forgot what it’s like to sit at the computer, create content on demand, send emails, serve your clients, and do good in the world.

Tell it to be quiet. Go stomp in the corner and have a temper tantrum.

Because you’ve got people to serve.

YOUR people.

The people who are WAITING for YOU. Who want your flavor of ice cream. Your cup of tea. Your pot of chicken soup.

So take a deep breath and get back to work.

Because you’re here for the long game.

You’re invested in BUILDING a business.

Why coaching on money mindset is important for you

Making money vs building a business


Last week my client was worried about all the coaches who’ve been showing up more while she’s been away.

Here’s what I shared with her:
I love it that more coaches are online and getting more visible.
They’re raising the awareness of the power of coaching.

Coaching is the most fabulous way to change your life and the results you have in your life.
Until now coaching for athletes, politicians, and high-profile speakers was the norm. Now it’s becoming the norm for normal people.

Today we have coaches for business, money, health, mindset, creatives, musicians, anxiety, sex, marriage, divorce, heartbreak, school principals, CEOs, career change, burnout, ADHD, high performance, body positivity and more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Coaching is going to help more people heal, grow and thrive.

We need MORE coaches.

Thank you to all the coaches who are doing my marketing for me. I love you.

Don’t Quit!

P.S. Strava says that January 19th is Quitters Day. It’s the day people were most likely to give up on their New Year’s fitness resolutions.

If it’s true for fitness, it’s true for money and business. People give up way too soon!

If you’ve been slipping out of consistency, getting off track, letting your brain be a brat, not committing to change, growth, and financial success like you said you were going to do this year, I’ve got you.

Apply here for 1:1 coaching with me here. It’s time to get you get back on track and BUILD that business of yours. For the long term.

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