Debbie Sassen coaching

Make more money without feeling greedy or working 28 hours a day.

A 7-day course to help you spend more time and take better care of your family, get out of debt, and stop feeling ashamed for wanting to have more.

Lauren Allen

“I gained so much just from the first session. My deeply held belief about money shifted from ‘wanting to have nothing to do with it’ to neutral. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”


Lauren Allen

“I come from generational money issues. I was scared of being rich. I was tired of feeling guilty, of feeling that “I didn’t have”. Now I’m able to identify where the scarcity is coming up or why. I know how to separate those feelings from my sales calls.”

Michal Kaye,

Premium event planner and life coach

The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast Debbie Sassen | From Passion to Profit with Raizy Janklowicz

“I just knew that I couldn’t become really successful if I was carrying all this fear around money. Now I’m a better vessel for the money to come to me and don’t have to run after it and hold on to it and be so anxious about the every day.”

Rose Janklowicz,

Postpartum consultant

No one is raised to be “good with money”…

But somehow everyone else seems to “be so much better” with it than you –

They seem to make good money, talk about it freely, are debt-free, and invest in different assets.

It can’t be farther away from your truth so far.

You have been raised to believe that “money doesn’t grow on trees”. That wanting to make more money is greedy, bad, or something to be ashamed of (let alone talk about with anyone!).

But deep inside you know that those limiting beliefs are holding you back from fulfilling your purpose – 

Achieving your high standards and stop playing small.

Providing to your children and family, no matter what they need or when. 

Making your business work for you, instead of you working for it day and night.

You want to make more money, and you feel it’s time you did, but your nervous system shuts down whenever the thought even crosses your mind.

I’ve been there myself, and I realized that for me to build the business of my dreams, I had to do something different.

That type of healing made me grow my own business from $40,000 a year to $300,000. 

Heal down to grow up

The reason why your nervous system is in “flight” or “freeze” mode around money is not your fault.

Most of us carry generational trauma that has been wired in us from a very young age – that is especially true for Jewish women.

For generations, our families had to survive by all means necessary.

Security and safety weren’t a given, and so did money.

You’ve been operating in “survival mode” because that’s the only thing you’ve been taught growing up.

So when you think about money, that trauma shows up.

It shows when you think about how much you believe you can ask for, receive and have.

As a high-achiever, you know that the only way you’ll break through your own glass ceiling is if you get the tried and true way to do that.

As a business owner, you haven’t “allowed” yourself to raise your prices in YEARS, and asking for more money for what you do doesn’t feel right.

And as a woman, you’re just tired. Tired of doing all of the work, spending hours serving your clients and getting praise, but your bank account tells a different story.

You need to heal down your nervous system to grow up and let go of your survival energy as you’re growing your business.

The good news is — healing your relationship with money is simple. And you don’t have to spend thousands on it.

For only $997 $197!
*Prices in USD. Payment plans available. VAT additional for residents of Israel.
Davii Mandel

But… we just bought our first house! (eek!!!)

It’s not really unbelievable… because I believe in a loving G-d who is guiding and hears our hearts…
But… we just bought our first house! (eek!!!) 
Truly, the only way this happened was God opened a bunch of doors.  AND I KNOW, a part of my journey was working with Debbie.  Thank you for what you do 🙂

Rebecca Olson,

Life Coach

7 days to Money Healing

Money Healing is the way for you to insert doubt into these money messages you’ve had in your brain.

It’s your way to let go of the idea that money is a tool that holds energy, or is a core survival need. 

You can create a more fun, loving, joyful relationship with money.

After all, money is a huge factor in your business, so a loving relationship with money is the key to having a business you love.

For 7 days, you’ll watch 20-minute videos with practical tools and exercises to rewire your financial thermostat, connect mind and body, and release the mindset blocks that are holding you back.

Day 1:

Make peace with your money mistakes and find financial forgiveness

Day 2:

EFT tapping technique – 
Release your negative energy around money that’s trapped in your body

Day 3:

Reveal your relationship with money and your family of origin story 

Day 4:

Discover your hierarchy of needs and how to your new tribe

Day 5:

Regulate your nervous system

Day 6:

Your yearly income and goals, and release your emotions around those numbers.

Day 7:

Acquire and develop your future wealth – Your 10-year income goal

For only $997 $197!
*Prices in USD. VAT additional for residents of Israel.

About Debbie

I’ve worked as a Financial Planner and Money Coach for over a decade.

When I discovered EFT tapping, I was able to dig deeper and uncover my inner resistance and unconscious blocks to money – and change them.

The very blocks that led me to turn a blind eye to our terrible pension plan, squander our investments and earn pittance an hour, even while I worked as a Financial Planner.