What To Do When Your Money Mindset Work Isn’t Working

If it’s a money mindset hack, you’ve tried it out before. You journal every day. You declare affirmations to your reflection in the mirror every morning. And if you find yourself getting into a negative headspace, you tap to release it using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques).

But despite doing ‘all the right things’, your money mindset isn’t working. Your income is still unreliable. There always seems to be more month than money. You don’t have enough money to live the life you desire. And it feels like you’re working so hard. 

So what’s the missing piece of your mindset puzzle? How do you tap into that flow of financial abundance that everyone’s talking about? What do you do when your money mindset isn’t working?

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What is underneath your money mindset?

Journaling, affirmations and tapping all have their uses. And while they’re all great tools that can help support a healthy money mindset, they won’t get you to the root cause of the problem.

For you to uncork the flow of abundance in your life, you need to uncover your beliefs around money.

Self-applied tools can give you insight into your money beliefs, but at the core, money issues are not about money. They are about what you believe you are worth, what you deeply believe you have to offer as a human being, and how comfortable you are with that.

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How do you talk about money and the people that have it?

Think of someone you know who has a lot of money. It could be someone in your circle, or it could be a celebrity or entrepreneur, like Oprah, Tony Robbins or Richard Branson. 

How do you feel when you think about them? Does a part of you say that wealthy people are too flashy? They must be greedy, or evil, or work all the time? Do you believe they embody some other attribute that you don’t want for yourself?

What do you think about how they spend their money? Do you think someone’s wealth is ‘over the top’ when they can buy a holiday house, a yacht, or even their own private island? Maybe you believe the uber-rich should do less with their money for themselves and more for others?

Notice the way you think about wealthy people. Your thoughts can tell you a lot about your money mindset.


You might have unconscious beliefs that divide ‘us’ from ‘them’. ‘They’ go to private schools, while you went to public school. You have to fight for everything you’ve got, while ‘they’ were born into wealth. Check in with the way you describe their circumstances and compare that with the story you tell about yourself. 

Believe it or not, there is no real difference between you and them. We are all human beings, created in the image of G-d.  You too can have all the money that you desire and use it however you wish to.

The only thing that holds you back is your own beliefs.


shift your money mindset


How is your money mindset formed?

Many of our core beliefs about money are formed in early childhood. We observe the way our parents and other adults manage, handle and talk about money. And we absorb everything that’s going on. Children often adopt their parents’ money beliefs and mimic their behavior. Less often they rebel against their childhood and go the other way. 

What that means is that if money is frequently the cause of tension and fighting, it gets tainted. Money becomes negative, rather than a neutral tool to be used as a means of exchanging value for value.

When dad says “If your mom doesn’t stop spending, we’ll be in the gutter,” spending money on ‘extras’ can make you feel insecure – as in, tomorrow I could be homeless.

But when the money message you hear and witness is “G-d takes care of us; We’ve always had exactly what we needed and more,” money can be stress-free.

Unless their beliefs are uncovered and challenged, children will carry their money beliefs into their adult life. On an unconscious level, they’ll stay loyal to their family of origin money story. They might even choose partners with similar money beliefs to one or both of their parents. Because creating a new money paradigm is scary. 

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Your Money Mindset

Money mindset is your attitude about money. It’s your set of core beliefs, habits and behaviors that reflect how you think money works in the world.

Your money mindset defines how much you believe you can earn, how much you save, how much money you think you can and should spend, how much you can give away, how you deal with debt and how you think about the ‘haves’ and the have-nots’.

Your core money beliefs about money live in your unconscious mind. For you to uncork the flow of abundance in your life, you need to uncover your beliefs about money. 

By becoming a keen observer of your thoughts, feelings, habits, speech, body language, and interactions with money, you’ll gain insight into your true money mindset today. Which will enable you to shift your limiting beliefs and transform your money mindset tomorrow

Why going it alone usually doesn’t work

If you want to earn more money, grow your savings, get out of debt and build wealth, you need to dig deep and lay new financial foundations. You need to dissolve the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and which you may not even realize are lurking underneath the surface.

It can take years to uncover them when you’re working alone. Sometimes, they are so deeply ingrained that you cannot free yourself. Because as humans, we’re wired to be lazy. And we protect ourselves from getting uncomfortable. That’s where working with someone is key to getting your money mindset on track and to get it working in your favor.  

If you’re ready to change the way you make and manage money and to feel worthy of everything you desire, let’s talk. I would love to help you step into financial abundance and to own your worth. I invite you to schedule a free 60-minute Mini-Consult with me.

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