Motivation for building wealth – what does it take?

Motivation Alone is Not Enough to Build Wealth – But you Need Motivation for Building Wealth.

 Motivation is what gets you started.

Habit is what keeps you going.

 ~ Jim Rohn


Where are you on your journey to making empowered money choices and growing your wealth?

  • Have you made a serious personal resolution to sort out your finances, but not very much has happened so far?
  • Are you already on the journey, taking positive steps to get out of debt, build up your emergency funds, and grow wealth?
  • Were you financially well off for years until an unexpected setback threw you off course, and now you want to get your bearings straight in order to ride out the storm?

Regardless of where you are right now, there is one iron-clad rule you should keep in mind: Passion and motivation will take you only so far.

building wealth


It doesn’t matter how motivated you are to look your money squarely in the eyes and do things differently. When the thrill, hope and excitement of change wears off, we all revert back to our good old selves… To what we know… To what’s comfortable.

We revert to our old habits.

And herein lies a very important truth: We are creatures of habit only when that habit is fulfilling some immediate need or desire in the least painful and least resistant way.

In order to change our old routine and push ourselves out of our comfort zone, we need to be in touch with a new set of needs and desires and then take actions that fulfill them in the least painful and least resistant way.


building wealth


Motivation for building wealth – what does it take?

Passion can help you supercharge your batteries and support that first big leap. But the only way to make real, lasting change in our lives and in our financial situation is to slowly and deliberately change our behavior until those very changes become a habit! After all, everyone needs that little push and motivation for building wealth.

I recently recorded a video in which I shared the tiniest baby step you need to take to start investing so you can build your financial fortress. It’s about making a commitment (and commitment needs motivation!) to set aside a small amount of money every single week (as low as $5 to $10). That consistent, steady habit is what will enable you to achieve greater financial stability and grow your wealth over time.

You can watch the video here.

But, even this step by itself may not be enough. You may want to get yourself a “money buddy” so you can help to keep each other motivated and accountable.

Motivation for building wealth – Join Investing Made Simple

You can also attend my online course Investing Made Simple where you will learn how to build your financial knowledge and confidence, make empowered money choices and grow your wealth.

Here’s what one of my students says about the program:

Investing Made Simple is just what the title says – even though it sounds like a scary or potentially complicated topic. The way that Debbie breaks down each of the pieces and what to think of when investing… [Now] I’m more knowledgeable and I feel more confident about asking questions of my financial advisor. IMS is one of those fabulous programs that I wish I had had 20 years ago. Thank you so much Debbie.

~ Jen Lang, Inspired. Creative. Communication.

So, do you have the motivation for building wealth? Are you motivated to start your financial journey on the right foot? Reach out for a free Get Acquainted Call. I would love to help you build healthy money habits and grow your wealth!

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