The power to change your relationship with money is in your control. 

So many people come to me feeling stuck, frustrated, or stressed that they’re working hard to make more money and despite their best efforts, they have hardly anything to show for it. 

Sometimes they blame themselves – what’s wrong with me.. I’ve tried so hard, why isn’t this working out.. maybe I don’t deserve more money.. 

Sometimes they blame the economy – stock markets are down, inflation is surging, unemployment is rising.. 

Sometimes they pinpoint the fear of taxes, worries about managing investments, or concerns that family members will come looking for handouts if they make more money. 

Here’s the truth about money. 

Negative money messages you internalized as a child, self-limiting beliefs, and hidden money vows to your family of origin will keep you locked in a cycle of financial fear, frustration, guilt, shame, and sadness.

Positive thinking and money affirmations cannot override financial programming wired into your nervous system, that’s creating your current financial reality and designed to keep you operating in survival mode. 

And although it sounds counterintuitive, making more money will never heal your relationship with money. In fact, more money frequently makes people more anxious and stressed. 

Because healing your relationship with money is an inside job.

To make more money and greatly increase your wealth, I invite you to join me for 8 days of money miracles and healing. Eight days of mind/body and experiential healing techniques that will help you access your subconscious mind and release your unique money blocks. 

Every day for 8 days you’ll receive a pre-recorded video with an experiential money healing exercise, plus some surprise live coaching.


Releasing disempowering money emotions and clearing the energy around your early money paradigm opens you up to more money and wealth than you can imagine. 

Clear your calendar and join me for eight days. Make healing your relationship with money a priority.

Gift yourself the gift.

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