Reset Your Financial Thermostat with Debbie Sassen

3 Days to transform your relationship with money so you can ask for and receive MORE and build long-lasting WEALTH


You know in your bones the work you are here to do. Your clients get amazing results. Your business is your mission.

But there are days when your business feels like so much hustle and grind. It’s frustrating.


Plus, the money that comes in disappears before you’ve had a chance to enjoy it more, and build long-lasting wealth.


Other entrepreneurs seem to have it together. They have more ease, joy, time with family… lifestyle upgrades like vacations, cars, clothing…


You want that too.  

But can’t help wondering..


What are they doing differently?

What am I doing something wrong?

Why is it taking so long?

Maybe success is meant for everyone else but me.


Deep down you know that what you offer is ten times more valuable than the price you’re charging.

You’re flabbergasted trying to figure out how to make it work on a bigger scale.

I’ve got good news for you.

The reason why building a business feels like an uphill battle all boils down to..


We women (and a few men!) have been conditioned for service our whole lives. We’ve been socialized to believe that life is about serving MORE rather than RECEIVING more.

We’re not allowed to ask for and receive MORE MONEY.

We’re not allowed to have it easy. 

It’s time to put a STOP to that old programming!

It’s time to deconstruct the centuries old way of thinking about money and rewire your brain to ASK for and RECEIVE MORE.

I want to show you how.

In this 3-day training I’m going to show you how to start clearing your money blocks, get comfortable with a new level of abundance, and accelerate your path to wealth. 

Whether you want to end the cycle of under-charging, under-earning, under-selling, or under-investing this free training is for you.

In just 3 days this is what you’ll learn:

  • Day 1. Uncover how you currently think about the ways you earn, spend and save money so you can create MORE and have greater abundance in your business and your life. 
  • Day 2. The limiting beliefs you need to change to ASK for and RECEIVE more money.
  • Day 3. How to think about your business finances so you can create the most profit in the long-term. Creating the consciousness to RECEIVE, HAVE, and SPEND money from ABUNDANCE. 

In this free 3-day training you’ll create a new money mindset so juicy and delicious it will feel like unlimited abundance is yours for the asking – and receiving.

Are you in?

We start Money School March 13, 14, 15  at 10am EST | 3pm UK | 5pm IL

Money school doors are open to women AND men. Extra credit if you bring the teacher an 🍎


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