3 Reasons to raise your prices now



reasons to raise your prices now


If you haven’t raised your prices in a while, I wrote this blog post especially for you. Three reasons to raise your prices now! 

Because I’ve been noticing recently that some people are reluctant to raise their prices because of the global pandemic – even though they last raised their prices four years ago.

So take a moment and check in with yourself.

If it’s been 6 to 12 months since you last gave yourself a raise, it’s time. It is time to raise your prices now!

Reasons to raise your prices now

Let me give you three reasons why you should raise your prices now.

1) You have the experience



reasons to raise your prices now

In the beginning of your business, you might be hustling to get as much experience as possible and take on as many clients as possible.

But after a while, you need to filter people out.

There’s simply not enough time in the day, days in the week, weeks in the year to serve everyone.

Some businesses filter by serving only women. Others filter by serving only men, or only couples.

You can filter by serving specific age groups. By location. By type of food you offer, exercise style you teach, language you speak, or part of the body you operate on.

That’s also called niching or specializing

Raising your price is just another way to niche and filter.

2) Your skills are better and you offer higher quality services

If it’s been a year or four year since you last raised your prices, I have news for you. You are not the same person today that you were back then.

The quality of the work you do is different. Better.

Through application and experience, you’ve honed your skills. You understand your clients and their needs more deeply now. You deliver results faster.

That’s valuable.

You should be getting paid for that.


3) Raising your prices now can help other professionals


reasons to raise your prices now


You owe it to the younger generation. If you don’t raise your prices as you grow and become more experienced, there’s no room for newer, less experienced people in the market.

Raising your prices helps other professionals in your field.

So keep raising your prices.

You deserve to be compensated for the value you give.

YOUR ideal clients – the ones who’ve been Divinely contracted to work with you – will pay your prices.

P.S. — My client J raised his prices two weeks ago – and signed two new clients a week later. Now, we’re working together to create firm boundaries around his time – and sticking to them – in service of him, his family, AND his clients.

Because the alternative is hustling, over-working, and burnout. Which comes from unconscious, negative beliefs that money – that there’s not enough in the world and it has to be earned through hard work.

And here’s the truth.

We live in an abundant world filled with tons of money. Look around. Money is everywhere. You too can create money with ease and joy, serving your best clients.

If that sounds like way more fun than blood, sweat and tears, apply for 1:1 coaching with me.

We’ll spend six months together rewriting your money story and rewiring your brain for wealth. I’ll teach you how to market your services effectively without paying for Facebook ads. And I’ll share my step-by-step process for closing sales conversations, so you spend less time canvasing for new business and more time in your business serving clients you love.

Click here to apply for coaching.

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