Reset Your Financial Thermostat with Debbie Sassen

Did you know that you have a FINANCIAL THERMOSTAT that keeps your money at a certain temperature?

You have set points for the amount of debt, income and savings you “allow” yourself to have.

When your thermostat hits its comfortable set point, it shuts off. Just like your heating and cooling system shuts off when the temperature in the room reaches its set point.

This free training will help you identify your set points so you can start clearing your money blocks and getting comfortable with a new level of abundance.

When your set points are set “too low”, it can show up as:

  • recurring debt that never seems to go away, in spite of your best efforts to clear it
  • only being able to save so much and then something happens to sabotage your financial cushion
  • feeling like your income is stagnating at its current level and you’d have to work really hard to increase it
  • procrastination, self-sabotage, and general ineffectiveness (as well as perhaps overeating!)

This training will help you to raise your financial thermostat and increase your energetic capacity for abundance.


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