Episode 129

How to Sell from Abundance

What energy are you showing up with when you’re selling? I’ve been noticing some subtle scarcity thoughts and behaviors sneaking into my clients’ sales conversations and their preparation for their consults. The same could be happening to you, so it’s time to look beneath the surface and see whether scarcity is stopping you from making the sales you want, and learn how you can sell from abundance instead.

You might be just in the launching stage of your business and you’re currently taking on work for free, but you want to start charging for individual jobs you perform. You could be working on a subscription retainer model. Or you could be selling fixed-term packages for three or six months at a time and you want to raise your prices. Whichever applies to you, cultivating an abundance mindset will be instrumental in creating the sales you want.

Tune in this week to discover how to spot when your brain starts falling into a scarce way of thinking around your sales and pricing. You’ll learn how to pitch your services from a place of abundance and feel secure in the value you’re bringing, even if you’re raising your prices.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why paying for something means you’ll give it more attention and appreciate it more than if it was free.
  • What changes when you have a mindset of abundance when designing and selling your services.
  • Why your brain naturally spins when a client decides they no longer want your services.
  • How to catch your brain when you start slipping into a scarcity mindset.
  • Why you haven’t even met 99% of the clients you will have on your entrepreneurial journey.
  • My tips for pricing your services, subscriptions, and packages from a place of abundance.
  • How to assess the value and impact you bring to your clients’ lives when you’re having sales conversations.


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You’re listening to The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast with Debbie Sassen, Episode 129.

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Welcome to The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m your host, Debbie Sassen. I went from being a financial adviser, author and chronic underearner to building my business to six figures as a financial planner and money mindset coach. And then, on to multiple six figures as a fulltime money and business coach.

I help entrepreneurs create money making businesses and build wealth, using sales and money mindset strategies in alignment with authentic Jewish values. Now, let’s dive into today’s show.

Hello, my friends, and welcome back to the podcast. I want to let you know some very exciting information. For those of you who don’t live near me in Israel, I am currently on a business/family trip combined in the United States. If you are listening to this podcast in May 2024, I want to let you know that I’m going to be available. Does that make sense the way I said that? I’m going to be accepting visitors. That also sounds weird, right? Hey guys, I want to meet up with you, alright?

I’m going to be traveling in various places. I’ll be in Toronto, Dallas, Nashville, Los Angeles, Lakewood, Newark. When I get to New Jersey at the end of May, I want to meet you, okay? So, if you’ve been listening to this podcast, and you and I have never connected… Maybe that’s it, I’m available for connections. Does that sound good? I don’t know.

Anyway, I am going to be running a little meetup in the Lakewood, New Jersey area on May 30th. So, if that’s kind of near you, or you could get there, I would love to meet you. Some of my clients will be there, and some friends that I have, some digital friends that hopefully we’re going to turn into real life friends.

Also, on June 3rd, I’m going to be attending the Jewish Woman Entrepreneur Conference, which is going to be in Newark. So, hey, if you’re in either of those places, you want to connect with me and meet up with me. I would love to do the same with you. So, please reach out by email. Let me know who you are… Hi, listeners… where you are, and let’s connect.

Because I love connecting with people in real life. So much of our connections these days are kind of these weird, disconnected connections, because we don’t meet each other. Some of us see each other on Zoom, some of us just listen to each other’s voices. Let’s actually make a real relationship. So, that’s number one, reach out.

Number two, I want to let you know that I am running a webinar on June 6th. I’m going to fly back to Israel and give you my best, my best webinar, on Five Pricing Myths You Want to Bust on June 6th. So, register for that. DebbieSassen.com/webinar.

If you can’t make it live, it’s going to be 10am Eastern Time, 5pm Israel time, then you will definitely get the replay for that. So, please make sure… if you have any pricing drama, we’re going to talk about that today… that you are at that webinar.

The final thing I want to tell you is just a cute little anecdote, or maybe not so cute. I’m leaving in a couple of days to fly to the States, and last night my husband and I went to the Kotel, the Western Wall, to pray, as one does before you leave Israel. It was also Rosh Chodesh, the first of the month of Iyar.

On our way back up from the Kotel… If you’ve ever been there, that’s a lot of stairs going down and then a lot of stairs going up… at about, I don’t know, the third to the last stair coming up, I did something; don’t even know what it was. I twisted my knee. I got a big booboo on my knee. It’s very painful.

I actually texted my personal trainer today… I’m about to go training after this… and I said, “Hey, today’s supposed to be leg day, but I can’t bend my knees. So, let’s move it into an arm day.”

But here’s what I actually want to point out: G-d has a plan. G-d is mysterious, and it’s always for our good. I went hiking with my husband at the end of May. We went hiking for the Alyn Children’s Hospital, a pediatric hospital here in Israel. I went hiking for three days over rocky terrain in Israel; up the hills, down the hills, climbing, stretching, and doing some pretty bold moves.

I came back, and except for some sleepless kind of nights in a tent, my body was in great shape. And just walking upstairs, I can twist my knee. I don’t know how it happens. As I said, G-d has a plan.

But I’m going to leave that for you as a nugget of wisdom. Things happen in our businesses, let’s trust. G-d has a plan. We don’t know why it happens, but it’s always a good reason.

However, when it comes to pricing, we also have to do our part. When it comes to selling, we also have to do our part. So, let’s talk about how to sell from abundance, not sell from scarcity. Because I’ve been noticing with my clients, in the last month or so, some very subtle scarcity thoughts and behaviors sneaking into their sales conversations, or even their preparation for their sales conversations.

And if you’ve been listening to my material for a while, or you’ve actually downloaded my free training on sales… It’s being revamped, by the way. It’s going to be relaunched as a private podcast. Another little nugget or seed I’m planting. Just wait for that, it’s going to come out in the summer.

When I see that people are selling from scarcity, I call them out on it. And if it’s happening to my clients, then I’m sure it’s happening to you as well. So, I’m going to talk about three different scenarios. One is, if you are just completing your training or certification… Let’s say you’re a coach, you’re a copywriter, website designer, graphic designer, whatever it is… in the beginning stages of launching your business you might be doing work for free.

You might be a coach who’s going to give free sessions for six people, six meetings. Ten people, six meetings. And now you want to start charging. Or perhaps you’re a copywriter and you’ve been doing also some free copywriting or very low price copywriting, and now you’re like, “Okay, I’ve got my training, it’s time to raise my prices.” That makes total sense.

What happens to so many people is that they start feeling this sort of angst, and maybe a little bit of indignation, that they’ve been getting paid such low prices. It’s just very sneaky the way it seeps in. I did see this with one of my clients recently. Which means if it’s happening to one person, it must be happening to more than one person.

So, I want to bring this to your attention if you’re sort of a newbie doing what you’re doing. You could have 20, 30, 40 years of experience out in the workforce, but when you are doing a training, yeah, sometimes we lower our prices to get training.

It’s kind of like you’re in college and you have a student internship, and you get paid a minimum wage. And then, you do amazing work because you really want the experience. You want to work hard. You want to soak up as much wisdom from your employers that you can. You want to do a great job. And sometimes, let’s say if you’re doing an internship in a legal office, you also have the possibility, if you like them and they like you, that once you graduate from law school, then they’ll hire you.

Certainly, when I was working on Wall Street a lifetime ago, it was very common for people to do internships on Wall Street over the summer, student internships. They’re always paid less than someone who is a regular, salaried employee who’s working there. We start at different levels; you’re an associate, then you’re a vice president, and a senior vice president. And so, when you’re at the bottom of the pyramid, you just get paid less until you have more experience.

I don’t want you to get to the place where it’s time for you to raise your prices, and it’s very valid to want to raise your prices, but you do it with this forced energy. Like, “I deserve to get paid more. They’ll get better results when I get paid more; and they pay more.”

It always has to come from abundance. “I have such beautiful, deep, rich skills, and when I work with my clients at this higher level, and they pay, they’re going to receive more from me.” Now, we sort of want to think that we can get away with getting things for free.

But I want to remind you that when you pay for something, you’re going to pay attention to it. We just appreciate things that we pay for. People who win the lottery don’t appreciate the money as much as the money that they’ve put their heart and soul and efforts into earning. Things that come for free are just too easy.

And if you think about, you’re going to go out and buy a car. You buy a brand new Ferrari, Lamborghini. Definitely not in my budget. I don’t even desire it, but never mind. But you’re going to buy a brand new car. Maybe it’s a Tesla or a Mercedes, an Audi. You’re going to take care of that new car and treat it well. Make sure that you do good parallel parking, you’re not crashing into the cars in front of you. You’ll often take it to the carwash, a little bit more than you would your 10-year-old jalopy, right?

If you want to buy a new car and you go to the used car dealership and you buy a three- or four- or five-year-old Ford, you’re not going to treat it the same way as your brand new, shiny, high-end car. When people pay more money, they pay more attention. It’s a psychological thing. We could say no, but I really love my 10-year-old jalopy with bangs on the doors and a little fender bender there.

But the way human psychology works is that when there’s something new… Even a new pair of tennis shoes. When you get new tennis shoes and they’re that bright white, you don’t want to scuff them up. But once they’re scuffed, you tend to treat them just a little bit more daintily.

So, if you’re going from that training phase in your business, that ‘I’m just now certifying in my business,’ and you’re ready to raise your prices, always do it from a place of abundance and love for your clients. That they will get more from you because you’re now more trained up, you’re more experienced.

You always have the decades of life experience that you come with to the engagement, but when you finish your certification, your training program, and you’ve got that seal of approval from your mentor, you’re bringing all of that to your client. If you’ve done 10 sessions for free, you’re bringing all of that wisdom and experience to your client. You can now work with them faster, you can be more creative, you can be more intuitive, because of your experience.

So, number one, your client is getting a higher level, high-experienced person. Imagine needing open heart surgery. You want to work with the surgeon who’s had 10 or 20 years of experience. You don’t want to have the new surgeon, who graduated from med-school last week, doing your surgery. Are you with me?

It’s always appropriate to raise your prices at the right time, but do it from love. Do it from knowing that your experience is deeper, richer, better, faster, more efficient. Also, from the love of your client, knowing that when your client pays more, they’re going to be more all in. It’s just the way it works.

I know that some people take those free resources that are out there on the internet, like my podcast, or like things that you download, free opt-ins and PDFs and free trainings, and they implement and get a lot. I know that, and I do it as well. I’ll listen to podcasts. I’ll attend free trainings. And I’ll always get something.

But you know what? When you pay for something, and you’re just more all in, you’ve got some skin in the game, and you’ve got a coach, a mentor, a trainer… That’s why I’m going to personal training today, because I show up and I work hard even when I have a bum knee. So, it’s always in your client’s best interest. Focus on the client. Okay, so that’s number one. Don’t be in angst. Know all the reasons why it’s for the benefit of your client to raise your prices.

Scenario number two. I have some clients who work with their clients on retainer models. This could be a model for a copywriter who is writing regular copy, let’s say blog posts for someone, or social media posts. It could be for a graphic designer who is producing brochures, printables. It could be graphics for any of the social media posts. It could be graphics that appear on their websites. There are reasons that people hire people on retainer.

It can also be a coaching model. People who have membership programs, and they have people signed up for $99/month, or $297/month. Amazon Prime, for example, is a retainer model. You pay them your… It’s over $100/year now. I forget what it is, $119?… But that’s a kind of retainer model. You keep Amazon Prime going every year, and Amazon never worries that if they raise their prices on the retainer model, they’re going to lose you.

If you work with clients on retainer, don’t be shy about raising your prices. I’ve had clients tell me, “Maybe they’re not going to work with me. Maybe the word’s going to get out that this amazing client of mine has stopped working with me. And then, what are people going to think about it?”

When there’s this scarcity, if client A says no, they don’t want to work with me at my higher prices, then our brain does this natural spin thing of, “Oh, my gosh. My client stopped working with me. I’m not going to have money. I’m not going to eat. I’m going to die.” It’s the way your human brain works.

We just want to catch it and not make it a problem. But know that it’s happening, so that we can actually figure out what’s really going on under the surface. I had this with one of my clients recently, and I want to share with you what I told her.

I actually have a retainer model. Not for my business, my coaching business, but we have a retainer model for an investment apartment that we rent out. We have our clients on retainer; we call them “tenants” in the real estate industry. And, our tenants pay us monthly rental income.

Our tenants have been there for five years, maybe seven years. I don’t remember anymore. They’re amazing tenants. They always pay on time. Anything that needs to be fixed in the apartment; electricity, plumbing… We’re on great terms… they call their electrician or their plumber, they take care of it, and they just deduct it from the rent.

Any time it’s the end of a contract… We usually do two-year contracts in Israel. So, they’ve probably been there for close to 10 years, I’m thinking. We’ve signed a lot of contracts. So, just think about what an amazing retainer model that is, that we get rental income every single month. We’ve had this apartment for over 20 years, so it’s been a great source of regular income for us.

When I want to raise the prices on our rent, I want to make sure that I’m at the lower end of the market prices for a rent. I never want to be in that angst. Like, “Wow, I could get so much more for this apartment. It’s not fair. Apartments like this, in this location, I could be asking more.”

Here’s what I think about my retainer model business. Number one, I have great tenants. I have great clients, and I want to be able to preserve that relationship. Because if I raise the price too much of the apartment, they might choose to leave. Which is fine. I’m not holding them there with shackles.

They can do that, but it’s disruptive to me, and it’s disruptive to them. If they leave… I mean, it could be that they could just outgrow the apartment. That would be totally understandable because they have a family of a certain size, and the apartment might not be suiting their needs anymore. But as long as it’s suiting their needs for their family size, that’s great.

But if they leave, I’m going to have to go into that apartment, clean it up, patch it up, and deal with it. The last time we were between tenants, we had to put new air conditioners into the apartment, and there was at least a month between tenants. So, I’m losing rental income for a month. And it could be two months, depending on what the period is.

It’s also my time and investment to look for somebody else that’s going to rent the apartment. So, it makes sense for me, in terms of my time and energy investment, as well as the steady flow of cash coming in, to keep this relationship with my client.

Now, also, because I want you to be in an abundance mindset, in an abundance mentality, always focus on your client. If your client wants to move, it’s also so disruptive to their life. They’ve got a life. They’ve got their work. They’ve got what they’re doing. And now, they have to take time out of their day and they have to go and find a new apartment, or a new service provider.

If you’re consistently writing blog posts or marketing materials for your clients, when they stop working with you, they have to go somewhere else, and there’s an entirely new onboarding process. They’re going to have to meet somebody else. They’re going to have to get to know each other. They’re going to have to do that little dance that you do at the beginning when you’re getting to know each other, and maybe that new service provider isn’t going to “get” them.

They think that they do, but they’re not going to “get” them as well as you do because you guys have this relationship that has been going well for so long. So, don’t think of it as like, “Oh, my gosh, if they leave me… I don’t want to raise my prices because maybe they’re going to leave me,” you always can raise your prices because what you’re delivering this year is higher quality than what you delivered last year, because you have more experience.

When you’re connecting with your clients, and you really have a wellworked relationship, really, don’t think that they’re going to go somewhere else because you raised your prices. It is so much more than pricing that goes into the relationship. It’s always the value that you are giving to your clients. And, they probably aren’t going to get the same value when they go somewhere else, if you guys have that really well worked, well-oiled machine going, in terms of your relationship.

So, I really want you to think about that in terms of your pricing and your relationship and your retainer models in particular. It just makes sense. People don’t usually bat an eye. And, you know what? If some people say, “You know what? I just can’t meet that monthly obligation.” Or maybe you work with your clients in three-month increments, and they’re like, “No, I just can’t do it. I really need to find a lower-cost service provider.”

Number one, we’re unattached to the results. We let them go. We bless them, we release them, and we’re like, “It’s been an amazing opportunity to work with you. I wish you luck. I wish you hatzlachah with the next person that you work with.” Let them go. Be unattached.

Trust that G-d has a plan for you. And, there are so many clients in the world, 8 billion people. There are so many new clients that could come your way. I know for sure, actually, that you haven’t even met 99% of the people who will work with you over the course of your entrepreneurial journey. So, that is the retainer model. Please, let that go.

Third scenario. This is for someone who works more with packages. It’s not a retainer model. This is a type of engagement that a lot of my coaches work with. They’ll work with clients for three-month packages, six-month packages, even a year. I’ve had clients who have clients that they work with on these kinds of packages for 12 months. It’s similar to a retainer model, but the difference is there’s not an expectation that it will be going on every month, or that there will be a rollover period.

Many of my coaches, let’s say, work with their clients in three-month packages, and now you’re going to raise your price. It makes sense, again, and a lot of my clients after Pesach, after Passover, they’re raising their prices. Again, totally makes sense. I’m all with you. Certainly, just out there in the real world… We’re all living in the real world… there’s inflation. Prices in the supermarket are going up. Electricity prices are going up. Gas prices are going up. Prices go up just because of inflation.

And again, because of your experience, it makes sense for you, when you’re giving higher level service, for you to raise your prices. Always do it from love. Always do it from knowing that you are just giving a higher quality service than when you started out in the industry five or 10 years ago. It makes sense.

But if you’re raising your prices, and then you’re offering your client a new package, you’ve got to be upfront about it. Some of my clients say, “But if I raise my prices, they might not sign on with me again. Do I have to keep my prices at the old price? They’re a good client. I’m afraid that if I raise my prices, they’re going to stop working with me. They’re going to tell me that they can’t afford it.”

This is similar to the example with retainer clients. And if you have a hard deadline with a client, it could be a three-month or a six-month package. What you want to remember is that it’s never about the price your client is paying. What you are delivering to your client in all of these examples is the impact that working together makes in your clients’ lives.

Let’s say you have a package where you’re working with someone, a three-month coaching package for $3,000, and now you want to raise the price of your three-month package to $5,000. That’s a jump. That’s a pretty nice jump, to raise your prices by 66%, going from $3,000 to $5,000 for three months. And, it’s a perfectly acceptable rate for a coaching package. Some of my clients coach more than that, less than that, and that’s all good. It’s all fine. No judgment.

But what you want to be doing is not being scared that your clients are not going to sign with you because you raise your prices. Ahead of time, before you get to the end of your package, you’ve got to let your clients know that their deadline is coming up, or the end of their coaching agreement, the end of their package agreement.

It could be you’re doing some healing sessions, coaches and healers work a lot with this kind of package, so you want to let your clients know, depending on the length of your engagement… If it’s three months, let them know like three weeks in advance. If it’s two months, let them know two weeks in advance.

Most people know if you’re working on six-month engagements… I do that with my clients. I work six months at a time, and some of my clients, we only meet every other week instead of every week, or three times a month instead of monthly.

As you’re nearing the end of your coaching relationship, from abundance and not from scarcity, let your client know, “Hey, we’re getting near the end of our coaching relationship, our healing relationship, and there’s still some work that we want to do. Here are the goals that we talked about at the beginning. Here’s where you are. I want to make sure that we have some time to talk about re-signing. Let’s make sure that, next week on the call, we have that conversation.”

Don’t avoid it. Don’t, again, be scared, and “Oh my gosh, what are my clients going to say?” You’re the leader of this relationship. I mean, you’re mutual, you’re peers, right? You’re both adults, consenting adults. But they came to you for the service.

If the doctor said to you, “Hey, you need to keep coming back every single month for these treatments,” the doctor is leading the conversation and you’re trusting your doctors. You’re like, “Okay, fine. It’s a little bit of a hassle to go into the doctor’s office, but I’m going to do it for my health. Because the impact on my health, the impact on my life is such that I want to make sure that I keep going to the doctor.”

Think about that for your clients. If you’re helping your clients to up-level their lives, if you’re helping your clients to heal from physical pain, if you’re helping your clients to grow their business, if you’re helping your clients to not burn out with what they’re doing because they’re overworking and they’re overdoing, really put yourself in the mind of your client. What you are achieving together, through your work together, is hugely impactful on your client’s life.

It is not about the price. My clients who are coaches… Except for my clients who are business coaches working in the business space. So many of my clients are doing general life coaching, weight loss coaching, and other healing modalities… there is no financial number, financial impact number, that you can put on that relationship.

You can say that when people are working with the coach, and they’re up leveling their lives in certain ways, they could be also having a knock on effect to making more money in their work, in their business, negotiating salaries, or raising their prices, because they’re just feeling more whole and complete as a person. They’re understanding what their strengths and resilience and resources, inner resources, are that they bring to all of their work and business life. But there is no financial number.

I can tell you, “I’ll work with you, Debbie Sassen Coaching, and I will help you to create consistent $5,000–$10,000 months.” When you’re working in a coaching-healing relationship, you don’t have that number. Some people, by the way, misguidedly think it’s easier to sell business coaching than life coaching, but that’s not true, you just have to know how to sell it.

There’s an impact in somebody’s life. It’s always about the impact on their life; how their life changes, how their relationships change, how their sleep changes, how they view themselves. A lot of times, there’s a little bit of a financial impact because we stop using retail therapy to make ourselves feel better. So, there could be a lot of saving money if you’re working with a coach and you’re just feeling more whole and better about yourself.

So, when you are raising your price, as a coach or a healer or somebody else who delivers package prices, it’s 100% understandable and allowed. You have my permission to raise your prices. Again, when you are thinking about having that conversation with your client, let them know ahead of time that re-up conversation is going to happen.

And, you have to do your work to understand how impactful it is to your client. When you believe it is in their best interest, because their life is changing so markedly, so dramatically, then you’re not going to have any resistance. You’re not going to make it about you, and “Oh, my gosh, my client’s not going to work with me. And then I have to go out into the world and find a new client.”

If they do, it’s okay. Release the reins. Let go. Be unattached from the conversation. And trust that if the client still has work to do, still has growth to achieve… and hey, which one of us in this world doesn’t have more growth to accomplish over our lifetimes?… then that client is going to resign with you. Because you have this beautiful relationship, similar to that retainer relationship, and it just makes sense.

Don’t be in scarcity, be in abundance. Be in the abundance of the world that there are so many clients that can come to you, and G-d has your back. Your clients have been divinely contracted to work with you. And trust… Just like my bum knee that I’m recording this podcast with today. I can go up and down mountains, and nothing happens to my knee. I can walk up a stair and twist my knee. I don’t know why it happens. But I know that He has a plan.

So, trust His plan, and go out there, go into the world. Raise your prices because you deserve it. Stop undercharging, stop under-earning. Make more money and take care of yourselves better. Build wealth for your future; your financial future and the financial future of your family.

Alright, my friends, thank you so much for tuning in to today’s podcast. I’m reminding you about my webinar on June 6th, DebbieSassen.com/webinar. And I’m reminding you that if you’re in the New Jersey area, reach out. I want to meet you. Okay?

Thanks, guys. I’ll see you next week on the podcast. Bye.

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