So excited! I followed all the recommendations for preparing myself for the meeting, wrote lots of notes based on the first discovery meeting with my client and had my 2nd meeting with him tonight.

My husband was listening in and said I sound so calm, confident, and reassuring to the client. He was so impressed!

Davii Mandel, CEO, Office Girlz | Wired for Wealth Client


  • The 4 key steps to non-sleazy sales calls – Stop jumping into sales calls with a scattered mind and scarcity mindset, and start showing up with excitement and anticipation.

  • A special sales objection handling episode – Gain the confidence and knowledge you need to overcome your prospect’s objections ethically and close more sales.

  • Journaling prompts to get you out of your head and your client’s wallet – Build the leadership and trust your prospects need to guide your sales calls with ease.

  • What to avoid so you can close more sales calls – Get to know the traps you’ve been falling into, and what to do instead to get your prospects to say “yes” to your offers.

  • Discover the difference between selling a $10k package and $100 sessions – How to communicate your value so you can articulate the long-term impact of your services.

About Debbie Sassen

Debbie Sassen is one of the leading voices on female entrepreneurship and money in the global Jewish community, and the host of the top-ranked podcast The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast.

She is a highly sought-after coach, has been featured in tens of summits including “With All Your Heart” by Chana Deutsch, and is known for her signature group coaching program, Wired for Wealth.

Debbie’s personal mission is to teach EVERY female business owner how to create wealth through entrepreneurship, master their money mindset, and make a bigger impact in this world, in partnership with G-d.

Debbie’s coaching not only quadrupled the speed at which I could achieve a new income level comfortably, but it also empowered me to have a positive relationship with finances. I no longer feel afraid or ashamed to talk about money, and I’ve let go of any resentment I had towards pricing. Debbie showed me that there is a target audience willing to pay for my services at my price, and by believing in this, I’ve seen tremendous growth.

Irit Levi, CEO & Chief Strategist, Day by Day Biz | 1:1 Client

When I found Debbie and her program, I was absolutely stuck in my business. I felt paralyzed and not able to do what I needed to grow. Since working with Debbie, my income has increased and it has forced me to think about my business in a whole new light.

Faigy Pollock, Marriage & Intimacy Expert | Wired for Wealth Client

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