Showing up consistently

There are days when being a business owner is hard. The tech doesn’t go right. The power is out due to snow. You lose the Canva presentation you worked on for hours. School for your kids is cancelled (again). Your fur baby passes away. A client quits on you.

To succeed, you NEED to have a compelling – no matter what – reason for showing up consistently.

Some people call this your WHY.

Without a compelling WHY, many business owners will pack it up and go get a “real” job when things get tough.

Showing up consistently

Let’s spend a few minutes together resetting your mind and connecting with your WHY. 

Showing up consistently
Close your eyes and take a few slow, deep breaths.

Imagine yourself in two years from now, or five years from now, as the CEO of your thriving six- or seven-figure business.

Breathe it in. Breathe it ALL in.

What does your workspace look like?

What are the sights and sounds and colors of your office space?

How are you FEELING?

Breathe that in.

Notice everything around you. See the details.

Feel solid, grounded and confident in your body right now.

Breathe that in.

Let’s ask your future self a few questions:

Who are you serving?

How are you making a difference in people’s lives?

What COMPELS you to do your work in the world?

Here’s my reason for showing up consistently


Showing up consistently

I’m compelled by my vision of Financial Empowerment for Women

A world where women business owners like you and me thrive.

Where we show up in love, authenticity, and courage in service of our clients.

A world where women feel confident being visible, sharing their gifts, taking risks, and charging good money for their products and services – rather than shrinking, keeping themselves small, and charging below a living wage because “they love what they do.”

Where we make so much money that we gracefully and graciously share our wealth supporting our families, other businesses, and people in need.

A world where women RISE in their abundance and RAISE up others.

And in which we feel confident asking financial professionals to explain things that we don’t understand AND financial professionals feel a responsibility to take the time to explain things so that women don’t feel embarrassed, shamed, or keep their head stuck in the sand.

A world where women have more than enough money saved for their future so that they’ll never have to hire second rate nursing care, cut back on their medications, or go without proper nutrition because there’s not enough money to make it through the month.


I am compelled to help women create an abundant financial future for themselves, their families, and others. 

I invite you to join me in creating a world of FINANCIAL EMPOWERMENT for women.

Here are some of the unsolicited wins my client shared with me recently:

Opened a separate business bank account… Hired a business coach… Made the most money in one month that I ever have ($12k).  Made more money in a year than I ever have… Raised my prices… Paid VAT debt… Paid electricity bills and stayed up to date… Handling my own invoices and receipts… Started accepting credit cards… Created 2 new streams of income… Haven’t had a bounced check in an entire year at least… Not constantly living in overdraft… Got life insurance for me and my husband.

When women stop underearning and stop stressing about money, they take better care of themselves and their families – both now and in the future. If you’re ready to RISE, show up consistently and stop playing small, start charging good money for your products and services and building a juicy financial cushion for your future then we should talk.


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