Episode 137

How to Structure (and Believe in) Your Signature Offer

In my program Wired for Wealth, I’ve been helping my clients re-evaluate what they offer in their businesses, structure their signature offers, and bolster their “offer belief.” Offer belief is key because if you lack confidence in the product or service you provide through your business, selling and making money is incredibly tricky.

You can create your business to look any way you want, and your business will be more successful when you have real confidence and belief in what you’re offering potential clients. So, if you’re looking for more clarity around what to offer and you want to cultivate real belief in your offer, this is the episode for you.

Tune in this week to discover how to come up with your signature offer and develop the belief you need to get people excited about buying from you. I’m sharing specific ideas for all kinds of businesses for signature offers that will serve your people and get potential clients excited to sign on. You’ll learn how to cultivate the necessary belief to sell your offer and develop your business successfully.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What it looks like when you’re lacking offer belief in your business.
  • How I recommend my clients come up with their first signature offer in their business.
  • The flexibility you have in structuring even the simplest signature offer.
  • Why copying how other entrepreneurs have structured their offers won’t necessarily work for you.
  • Some ideas for all kinds of businesses to formulate and structure an impactful signature offer.
  • How to start developing offer belief, so you can approach your business with real confidence.


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You’re listening to The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast with Debbie Sassen, Episode 137.

Welcome to The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast. I’m your host, Debbie Sassen. I went from being a financial adviser, author and chronic under earner to building my business to six figures as a financial planner and money mindset coach. And then, on to multiple six figures as a fulltime money and business coach.

I help entrepreneurs create money making businesses and build wealth, using sales and money mindset strategies in alignment with authentic Jewish values. Now, let’s dive into today’s show.

Hello my friends, and welcome back to the podcast. Before we jump into today’s podcast, which is going to be very practical and hands on, you’re going to want to have a pen and paper to write some things down. I want to share with you a couple of celebrations.

The first celebration is my personal celebration. I’m celebrating 36 years of living in Israel. I arrived here 36 years ago this week as I’m recording this podcast. In Jewish numerology, we call it “gematria”, that is ‘twice the value of life.’ So, it is really a special time for me to be in this country.

And yes, we are still in a war situation. It’s also been a hellacious week, because we have lost so many beautiful soldiers this week. There is still reason to celebrate the fact that we are still here, that I’m here, that my family is here, and we are growing.

In celebration of my 36th year of aliyah, living in Israel, I am offering a special discount on my Money Healing course. This is a seven day ondemand course that will help you heal and transform your relationship with money.

The course is a step-by-step course that you can really do at your own pace, although you can do it really in seven days, there are seven separate modules where you go into your family-of-origin story around money; any shame or guilt, or just really negative heavy feelings you have around money.

We clear out the negative, and then I bring you into the positive, into the present and focus on what you can achieve, income goals, over the next year. And even some visualization and future casting; where you see yourself in 10 years’ time.

It is a progressional course, and it is just so valuable. It is usually $197, but for this month you can get it for $36 off when you go to the course at DebbieSassen.com/money-healing and use the coupon code “Aliyah”… I’ll put that in the notes below… You’ll get $36 off on this course. I really hope that you use it to transform your relationship with money. That’s celebration number one.

Celebration number two is I asked all of my clients in Wired for Wealth this week to share with me their revenue numbers for the first half of 2024. I wanted to compare it to 2023, because the goal, if you are in one of my coaching containers, is to grow your income. And it has been really beautiful.

Some people have had steeper increases in income. Some people have had smaller increases in income. It’s just so beautiful that so many of the women are celebrating life cycle events, like weddings and bar mitzvahs and new babies, in our coaching container. And because of your lifecycle, and because of the seasonality of your business, your growth in your business might look different. But it’s so beautiful to see so much.

One of my clients that I’m going to shout it in particular, without names, her income in her business… She was working part time, and this year she left her part time job… she made more in six months this year in her business than she made last year in the entire year. Today, she posted in our Slack group that she also paid off a debt that has been outstanding for the last two years.

And when you think about it, now your monthly income gets to go up not just because you’re making more money in your business, but also you’re paying down debt. Just use for argument’s sake, let’s say that you are paying down $250/month on debt repayment. Now, that money gets to go into your personal account for your family. It can go into your retirement account, or that savings.

Now that you’re no longer paying on debt, it can grow into putting away money for future simchas and celebrations; whether it’s a child’s bar mitzvah, wedding, anything you want. Maybe you want to go on a family trip. One of my clients took her whole family away to for Passover this year. So, I’m just really shouting out and overflowing with joy and exuberation that my clients are doing so well.

I want to talk this week… We’ve been doing some reevaluating of our businesses in Wired for Wealth… I want to talk about what you offer in your business. What I call your “signature offer” or your “simple offer”. Really, what do you offer? How do you structure your offer and offer belief?

And this is the key part. Because people talk to me, especially in the beginning of our work together, that they’re lacking confidence. I recently on boarded a new one-on-one client, and these were her exact words. She said, “No, I don’t have a lot of confidence.”

It’s a newer business, she hasn’t onboarded a lot of people into her container, and I get that you’re a little bit unsure. Actually, since we’ve started working together, between call one and call two she changed her signature offer, and I think it’s going to make a huge difference in how her business grows.

So, let’s just talk about what your offer can be. I’m going to use my experience as a coach. And really, as I was growing my business, I was transitioning from financial planner to coach to money coach and business coach, so my offers changed.

But what I want to share with you is that you can really create your business any way you want. And your business is going to do much, much better when you have confidence in your offer. When you have belief… that’s the offer belief… in what you’re sharing with your clients.

And that way, you’ll be able to project that and broadcast that to the world when you speak with potential clients who show up in networking meetings. Last week on the podcast, we talked about different ways to grow your business that are not on social media. And when you just feel really solid, and believe in your offer, you’re going to be able to show up with that much more positive energy, when you are meeting other people outside of your little home office.

So, as a coach, for example, a lot of coaches, and I do recommend this for most of my clients, recommend starting with one on one and being very specific about the person and learning and developing your coaching skills, rather than going into a group container. Because groups mean that you’re learning your business with more people at the same time, and you might not have developed your skill set.

Also, what happens when you’re moving into groups is that you have to continually sell larger numbers of people. It’s just easier to onboard 5 oneon-one clients than to have a group of five, and then find another five, and another five and another five. So, I really do recommend for most of my clients that they start with one-on-one when they’re coaches.

Obviously, if you’re doing copywriting or you’re building a website for somebody, or you’re doing brand strategy, you’re going to be working one on one. But even within those types of offers, you can structure it however you want. It can be a “done for you” offer. It can be a “done with you” offer. You can do a VIP day, or a VIP week, where you’re able to give them their product, whatever you’re offering them, within a collapsed amount of time.

So, if you’re going to write five blog posts for someone as a copywriter, you could do a VIP offer where you offer five blog posts that you give them in one or two days. That way, they have all of their content and they don’t have to think about it anymore. They can just go and schedule it out. They can put that little tick box on their to-do list that they have that done.

Similarly, if you’re a website designer, you can do a website in a day. I know that there are people out there who are offering websites in a day. You can also give people templates to do their own website. And then, maybe you’re going to do it with them. Where they have to choose one of these simple, pared down types of websites and you’re going to help them and plug in the pictures, plug in the content into this website template, so that they’re going to get it up and running quickly.

Again, whether it’s coaching or whether you’re a creative that is offering them a finished product, you can really structure your business any way you want. And I really love these offers that collapse time and give the deliverable sooner rather than later. Because it doesn’t drag on when there is a one-month or two-month deadline. Sometimes, because we’re busy women and our lives are very, very full, things do drag on for longer periods of time. Because things that we never anticipated do jump in the way.

I want to talk a little bit now about one on one versus group, and this could apply to coaches, but it also applies to other types of businesses. If you are a therapist or a financial planner, you could be working with families, and also with coaches, if you are a parenting coach or relationship coach.

If you are dealing with financial planning for a family office, you can definitely meet with people, a whole family, in groups. You might be doing it once a month. It could be every other month or three times, like once a quarter, once every six months; in order to have communication that’s going back and forth easily. In order to make sure that everybody is continuing on the same path, same trajectory, still have the same goals.

So, you can really organize your business however it works best for you. Back to coaching, why I believe so strongly in one on one to begin with, especially if you’re a newer coach. You just get to see so many newer people. You get to refine your skills. You get to help them; you’re just there for whatever they’re looking for.

And you get to figure out what you like. You might think that you want to coach on relationships, and after you’ve coached a lot of people, you could coach them on relationships; parenting relationships, relationships with themselves, relationships with their mother-in-law, their father-in-law, their mom, their dad, whatever. Whatever you want.

You might decide, “You know what? I just really like dealing with teens. I have been speaking with all sorts of people, all kinds of relationships. And now, this is the group that I want to focus on.” And you might decide, “You know what? I’m not so into relationships. I thought I was, but if I’m out there as a life coach, I’m doing relationships, I’m doing weight loss, I’m doing midlife and helping women to make the second half of their life even better than the first half.”

And you could decide after working with 10 or 15 people that that’s the direction you want to take your business. So, especially in the beginning, be very open minded about the kind of work you take.

And that’s also as a creative. You might think that you want to write copy for nonprofits. But if you’re working with nonprofits and for-profit businesses at the same time, number one, you might find that you get paid more when you’re working for profit. But you might also like the variety of businesses you’re dealing with.

You might think that you want to work only with lawyers. But you might also be reaching out to professionals and you’re getting lawyers and accountants. You’re learning something about finance, as you’re writing copy for accountants. You might be like, “Wow, I really do enjoy talking about money,”… You might be like me, you enjoy talking about money… and you’ll develop a new niche for yourself.

So, in the beginning of your business, in particular, before you niche down, be really open to anything that comes your way. I think that’s also a way to just get money into your business. Because if you’re not having money coming into your business on the regular, you’re going to go into scarcity and lack. So, be willing to take anybody and everybody that comes.

Let me focus a little bit more on structuring your offer. Here we talked a little bit about doing VIP days, VIP weeks. Especially if you’re doing a coaching container. Where people, just the regular people that are coming to you, your potential clients, have all sorts of ideas of how they want to get it done. They might want to meet with you once a week or once every other week.

And this happens a lot when people don’t know about coaching. So, they don’t think they need coaching every week. They think that every other week is enough, or maybe once a month; they just need a little bit of a tune up. Here’s what I want to offer you. That your clients’ best interests are in your hands. And it makes a lot of sense for you to be very strong about what you’re offering.

So, I was always telling people, “Your business, and the growth of your business, is my best interest. And I know that when we meet every single week, it keeps you on a growth path. It keeps you on a trajectory.” And that’s where I was for very, very long in my business. For the first let’s say four or five years, I was very strong and firm that I was meeting with people weekly.

That also gave us room that if there was a new baby, a wedding or something, and you needed to take off… And of course, if you want to go on vacation, you do not need to come to coaching when you’re on vacation… that it gave us room to only meet three times in one month, rather than every single week; for me and for my clients.

But if we were planning every other week, it could end up being once a month, and then there’s just a lack of being fully all in, fully committed. So, it’s very important for me. Now, as I’m coaching people at higher level, sometimes the CEOs that I’m working with one on one, they don’t want coaching every single week because they want to take something, implement it and keep going. And then, I’m available to speak with them for smaller questions, or smaller bits of coaching that happens on WhatsApp.

Maybe it’s happening for you on WhatsApp or Voxer; both of them are equally good. You can do written messages, voice messages. It’s a great way to just keep going. In my Wired for Wealth community, it’s in the Slack channel. So, you can ask a question and just keep going.

But I want you to think about your clients and how it makes the best sense for them to meet their goals. Is it weekly? Is it every other week? Is it three times a month? Again, if you’re a creative and you’re giving them deliverables, think about what makes the most sense for your clients.

That brings me to the next point, which is offer belief. When you understand what you’re offering, and you understand the structure of your offer and how it best serves your clients. This isn’t about you. This isn’t about your money. This isn’t about meeting every single week because it’s going to make more money for you, that you can bring home to your family.

It’s about believing that the way you have structured your offers are in the best interest of your clients. And when you really think about the clients, the clients that you’ve worked with, the clients who’ve had the most success and the best results, and you’re really sitting down… and you’ve got to give yourself CEO time to do this. You can’t just think, “Oh, yeah, I remember working with client A. We did it that way and she got great results. I’m thinking about client B…”

Don’t do this on the fly. Put an hour or two hours in your calendar, write down your five best clients… And not all clients are going to be the best clients. We just have to also put that out there. Not all of our clients are going to be equally motivated. Not all of our clients are going to take the coaching, or take the blog post that we’ve put out there, take the videos that we’ve created for them, and going to run with them.

Even photographers, you can shoot a beautiful wedding or a bar mitzvah, do some family photography, you can give them the digital file, and they might never print the pictures. They might never put anything in a frame. They might love seeing the pictures that are in your Google Drive folder come up on their computer, but they’ve never done anything with them.

So, you also have to realize that they might love their pictures, and might love to work with you, but if they’re not displaying them for other people to see, they might also not be advertising how wonderful a photographer you are.

That is the way that I would characterize a best client who got the best results. As actually someone who takes what you’ve given them and they action on it. They implement it in their life or in their business, depending on how you’re working with them.

So, your job, as the CEO of your business, is to think about what is in best service of your clients. How are they going to get the best results? Do your own work and write down all the reasons why. And when I say “write down”, write down all the reasons why. We think that we’re going to remember all the reasons why we created our offer, the way we created it, but we have to keep reminding ourselves. I call this “benevolent brainwashing”.

We have to keep brainwashing ourselves on why we structured our offers the way we did. We have to remember that these clients got great results when we coached them in a three-month container rather than a six-month container, or vice versa. And a six-month container rather than a threemonth container. Remember that over and over and over again.

Because when somebody comes to you, and says, “Hey, I’d really love to do it like this,” and it’s different from your signature offer, you can remember and feel strong in your bones, down to your tippy-tippy toes that, “This is how I structure offers. Because I’ve worked with these many clients, and my clients who get the best results do it like this. And my best interest is for you to have success. And that is why I have structured my program, my package, my deliverables, in this way.”

Really, my friends, you have to do the work. You can’t just assume that the way somebody else in your industry has structured their offers is the best way for you. So, if you’re a coach who loves working with people and doing real fast, real high-performance work, get it done in three months, and that’s best for you, I really believe that like attracts like. And your people who are go-getters, fast implementor, actioners, they’re the ones who are going to be attracted to you.

They’re going to come, they’re going to sign, they’re going to get great results. Again, if you’re somebody who has those boundaries to get a website up in a week, and you know that you can clear off your calendar, you’re going to call to you the people who are going to clear off their calendar and get it done in a week. Like is going to attract like, and those are the people who are going to come to you.

If you have wishy-washy boundaries, and you say, “We’re going to get it done in two months,” so you’re going to put them into your calendar and see when the next slot is opening up, you’re going to attract those wishywashy clients.

And I don’t want to say in a negative way “wishywashy clients”, but you’re going to maybe get the people who are less structured. They’re going to come to you and they’re going to be less structured. And rather than a two-month project, it could morph into a three- or four-month project.

You have to be aware that that is the energy that you’re putting out. So, if you are going to put out very firm boundaries, very strong, and be sure of the way you’re doing your business, you will definitely attract people to you that are going to appreciate it.

So, really spend time believing in your offer. Structure it the way you know your clients are going to get the best results. Really think about the clients, the people that you have already worked with, and structure it in a way that’s going to serve your future clients the best.

And not all the people that we work with in the past are going to be the same kinds of clients in the future. So, if you did some people who got great results in three months or six months, and you’ve decided three months, we know that we’re just letting go of the people who want a sixmonth container. That’s okay, because there are more people in the world that you haven’t even met yet, who are going to grow and thrive and get amazing results in a three-month container.

But you have to do the work to believe in your offer, to have confidence in your offer, and to trust that G-d is going to send you the exact people who are divinely contracted to work with you.

Alright, my friends. That is what I have for you today. Go out into the world with your best signature offer, that you have structured ahead of time, believing in it from the top of your head down to your tippy toes, and go serve people. Help them. Enjoy working with them. Have fun, and go make a lot of money.

Thank you very much for tuning in today. I will see you next week on The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast. Bye-bye, for now.

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