talk to your target audience

If you want to talk to your target audience, stop being as bland as boiled chicken breast.

Your people want to hear your voice and your words. They want to hear what you have to say, in the way that only you can say it. And deliver it.

If you’re just another talking head blab, blab, blabbing about the same things as everybody else, you’re not calling in your people.

How to talk to your target audience

Take a look at what you’re sharing in your newsletter and on social media.

Are you repeating other people? Or do you add in your unique insights and viewpoint?

Do you side step the hard and prickly stuff?

Are you keeping your lips sealed and avoiding what you really want to say?

Here’s how you talk to your people.

SAY what NEEDS to be said.

DON’T WORRY about what people are going to say and about you.

It’s OKAY if people unsubscribe from your newsletter.

Put your stake in the ground.

Risk disagreement, haters, negative comments, backlash from your parents…

You’re an adult now.

You’ve got your own mind.

Have your own back.

People are waiting for you to show up in technicolor.

YOUR people are NOT looking for beige.

Be brave.


Feel your heart racing.

Notice your fingers shaking as you press <Post>

Stop being bland as boiled chicken breast.


Talk to YOUR target audience.

Make more money.

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