It’s hard to take care of your money – and yourself – when your nervous system is being flooded. Feelings of anxiety, stress and there’s too much to do can lead to procrastination, overeating, overspending, and lack of focus.

Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) is my go-to rescue remedy. Tapping on Overwhelm helps you calm your nervous system and shift the energy. It enables you to invite in joyful, expansive, healing energy. Click the video below to tap with me.


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Do your thoughts and feelings about money make you feel tense or stressed out? Do you feel any guilt or shame about the money mistakes you’ve made? Is something else keeping you stuck? Reach out and schedule a free 30-minute Discovery Call. I would love to see how I can support you.

Tapping on Overwhelm Pin - Debbie Sassen

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