Client Testimonials

When we started working together my business was slowly dying. I knew that I wanted to grow it, but and I had no idea how. I didn’t have any strategy and I had no idea how to speak to my clients.

Debbie helped me build strategy. She filled in the how and pushed me way out of my comfort zone. Plus, we worked through a ton of mindset stuff. Mindset is an enormous, big deal.

Slowly my business grew and grew. After working with Debbie for six months I 10x’d my income. I absolutely recommend working with her.

Bev Chimes | Life Coach

Six months ago, I was feeling very stuck in my business. I was spending a tremendous amount of effort trying to move forward. I found it extremely daunting. Within a few weeks of working together, I ran a successful campaign for my online course with very little drama. It just seemed to flow, with ease and pleasure.

That was a major shift in my business. And I’ve continued to see a nice growth since we started working together. Things that used to be hard have become easier. Things that I never thought I would be able to do with ease are suddenly not a big deal. And above all else, I’m taking responsibility and viewing this as my business. It’s my project, my baby. I went from having a hobby business to taking responsibility for income and growth.

I highly recommend working with Debbie. She’s wonderful and authentic, honest and lovable. She’ll wisely push you along and not let you sink back into the drama. That’s exactly what I needed. Thank you, Debbie, for being that person in my life and in my business.

Faigy Pollock | Marriage & Intimacy Expert, EFT Practitioner

When Debbie and I started working together, I was working part-time in my business and debating how to grow it. After six months together, I wrote a book, created an online course, and transitioned to working in my business full-time. Debbie gave me the push to go all in. She really believes in my mission and in what I’m doing. My mindset has changed. I view myself as the expert and authority in my field. I create offers and products and sell them while being successful helping people doing what I love. That’s very exciting.

I like Debbie’s mix of mindset work and practical tools, plus her experience from working with a bunch of different people.

Yonina Rubinstein | Sexuality Educator and Coach

Before I started working with Debbie, I had zero relationship with money. I was doing a lot of the mindset work, but I wasn’t ever actually looking at my bank accounts. Debbie held my hand through the process of getting to know money and looking at it in the face, without judgment and guilt. Debbie helped me develop that relationship and allow more money into my life. She really knows her stuff.

Jackie Hyman | Empowerment, Self Defense & Fitness Training

I didn’t realize how much money fog I was in before working with Debbie. While I was confident in the transformations I provide, I had blocks about being seen and showing up as the expert I’ve worked so hard to become. I was still afraid of asking for money, despite having already sold private and group coaching programs.

As a result of the work we did together, my relationship with money feels more aligned than ever before. I’m more consistent in putting myself out there and talking to people about what I do in a way that feels authentic and joyful. No more hiding, feeling distant, or being afraid to make an offer. I’m more empowered as a business owner.
I recommend Debbie’s service for anyone who wants to end the cycle of money fog and patterns that hold you back from getting to your next level in business.

Devora Gila Berkowitz | Intuitive Life Coach and Divine Energy Healer

“I’ve known Debbie for five years. Before we met I bounced around from advisor to advisor never feeling like I’d found the one. I attended one of Debbie’s retirement planning workshops and knew she was it. Here was someone who could speak my language, understand my fears and meet me at my level.

We’ve looked at everything in my financial life. Debbie really gets this stuff and she has helped me move past my anxiety and get a handle on my money.

Debbie has gone beyond the call of duty accompanying me to the National Insurance Office to file for disability benefits and getting down on the floor to help me sort out my paperwork. Debbie brings integrity and passion to her work. And she laughs at my jokes. I feel so much lighter and in control having Debbie on my side.”

Dvorah Birnbaum | Architect

“A few months ago I realized that I had a lot of major professional and personal life decisions to make and I couldn’t make any of them because our finances had gotten out of control. My husband and I just finished working with Debbie. It has been one of the hardest but most rewarding experiences of my life. It brought up money issues and emotions that I didn’t know that I had. But we also reached financial goals that I never thought we’d be able to reach in such a relatively short time. I feel empowered to make my professional decisions calmly and with confidence. And I’m making money choices, likely my regular manicure, guilt-free! If you’re scared, like me, to deal with your financial future and get stressed every time you think about it, just do it. It is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made and I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough.”

Aylana Reiss | PhD, Microbiology and Immunology

“I’ve been having a lot of shifts ever since our session. I feel like I’m really starting to shift about a lot of the resentment and anger. I woke up this morning feeling like I wanted to be more optimistic about my situation. I’m much more ready to heal the situation than before. Thank you for guiding me through that. Our session was the most powerful session of any sort that I’ve had in the last couple of months. We really did clear out a lot of stuff and it feels amazing. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it and I wanted to share that with you.”

Chana R. | Health Coach

“Thank you, Debbie…for calming me down, helping me put things in perspective and realize that I can learn and deal with my finances with the right help.”

C.G. | Happy Client

“I wanted to thank you for our recent session. Before we started working together I was extremely stressed and overwhelmed about our financial situation. Due to many years of underemployment and unemployment I feeling a lot of shame about a loan that had gone into collections. So much so, that I couldn’t even pick up the phone and call the loan company. I found you to be honest, knowledgeable, approachable, and non-judgmental.

I had heard of EFT/tapping before but thought it was only something my chiropractor (in the USA) did, let alone something that I could do on my own via a video conference call. With your support, I was amazed at how quickly I was able to overcome the shame, call the company and get on the path to financial health.

Since our session, I’ve been able to make more phone calls in areas falling under the category of “money/finance” that I was avoiding. “Adult-ing” is hard! I appreciate your generous time in the days following our session to cheer me on and come up with creative solutions to some of my financial paperwork issues. Thank you for being there. I highly recommend your work.”

Chana L. | Happy Client

“I’m an intelligent woman. I earned a PhD and managed multi-million dollar budgets for the university where I worked. But somehow, when it came to my own finances I was paralyzed by anxiety. Debbie gave me a safe, non-judgmental place to let go of my fears and money blocks. I was so stuck. We worked together for three years until I finally felt that I could do this money stuff on my own. I have nothing but praise for the warm and gentle way Debbie held my hand and supported me to take control of my money.”

Judith Segal, PhD | Librarian, Library Director and Artist

“Hi Debbie,

Wanted to send you a quick message to tell you that I’ve really and truly applied your practices to our holiday. …I shopped all the best sales… and special Pesach deals. Instead of a children’s museum, we did the Kotel (planned anyway) and instead of a festival, we went to Teddy Park. We are still planning another trip but I feel pretty secure in how we handled a really expensive holiday. I have a lot of that ‘legacy syndrome’ you wrote about since I come from a home where Shabbos and holidays are saved for to make them especially amazing. So coming to terms with less-but-definitely-still-enough was not so easy but now that I’m here it feels wonderful.

My little family and I are taking advantage of our rare time all together and we couldn’t be having a better time!

Thanks for everything and Chag sameach!”

Alisa | Graphic Artist

“I spent a lifetime immersed in exciting work and never paid attention to managing the money that was coming in. I always made enough for my lifestyle and it never seemed important to involve myself beyond simply saving.  As a result, I moved into my 60s with limited financial knowledge, skill and ability, and a growing anxiety about whether what I had saved was enough and what I could and should do to make it during retirement.

I am so grateful to have found Debbie, who combines practical and technical knowledge, with large doses of encouragement as well as guidance.  With Debbie’s assistance, I was able to identify a range of opportunities, establish goals and have a working plan that meets my needs.

I feel a new sense of confidence and direction in an area that had seemed overwhelming and beyond my grasp.”

Naomi Nobel | International Consultant

“I recently attended Debbie’s workshop “Cultivating Money Maturity: Exploring Your Emotional Responses to Money.” It was such an eye-opener.

Debbie is keenly tuned into what drives people to deal with their finances the way they do. She understands why I’m ostrich-like in managing money and why I resist change (even when money issues are stressing me).

As a therapist, I know that managing our finances is not just about dollars and shekels. We are often so caught up in worry and fear about finances and then become stuck. I’m an intelligent woman and yet, it was such an “Ah-ha!” moment when Debbie described that no one really teaches us how to manage money when we are growing up. She said that if we first address our stuck-ness, and our feelings about finances, the wall comes down and we can become practical. Of course, as a therapist, I knew that, intellectually, but I needed to hear that from her. She didn’t just dive into money-talk.

After years of not dealing with my finances head-on, I know that the awareness that I gained and tools I learned in the workshop equip me to move forward.

I have known Debbie for years, and she is knowledgeable, warm, supportive and calm (and funny). She can walk the road with me, step-by-step, helping me to take charge.”

Susan Hyde | MSW, EFT Practitioner

“Debbie worked with us to create a comprehensive, long-term financial plan. From the first phone call and in-depth meeting, through many emails, iterations and finalization of the plan, Debbie was a pleasure to work with. She impressed us with her broad and expert knowledge, her ability to listen and understand the underlying meaning as well as the minute details, and her insight. She was patient and professional throughout and she was always willing to research new ideas and options. I am confident that the plan we arrived at with help will provide us a sound basis for action, and we certainly could not have come close without her help.”

Belinda Gerber | Strategic Marketing Communications Consultant and Marketing Copywriter

“I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for all of your help…… When my issues with money set in, my head fogs over and I am unable to think clearly. That is why I am thankful to you. Especially with all the issues both myself and [my spouse] have surrounding money. You are facilitating our possibility to get through this situation and move on to something better and more clear…….So many people including our investment advisor have said “Just do it….That phrase “Just do it” has caused more shame in my life, especially surrounding career and money issues. “Just do it” doesn’t show you how to deal with emotions and body symptoms that I encounter while attempting to “do it”. I just wanted you to know what this work we are doing together means to me.”

PC | Happy Client

“Thank you again for your Conscious Money Matters Workshop. As new parents, we came in to the course with very little knowledge about how to deal with money and how to plan for the future. We just have so much stress around this topic and appreciate that someone is trying to provide desperately needed education in this area.

Although not all the stress was lifted in “3 easy sessions”, we learned a lot and we have a better idea of how to go forward. The idea that especially hit home for us was that we need to be consciously aware and in touch with our money going out and coming in (which is so easy to lose track of in the age of credit cards) and to not let our lack of awareness of our financial state become the ‘monster in the closet’ that we are afraid to look at. The situation may not always be ideal, but it’s better to know what the situation is and ‘own it’ than to live with the uncertainty and the stress that follows.

Your knowledge and years of experience combined with gentleness and humor helped us open up to our money story and put us at ease. I hope that you continue to do the same for many more people.”

Avraham and Diache Shor | Happy Clients

“Thank you for the most amazing session you gifted me with. Honestly, “money” has always been a scary word for me. It brings up feelings of my incompetence. “I just don’t get all that terminology, and it’s just not for me,” was my guiding excuse to keep me in the dark. I also felt intimidated by many successful business oriented women I knew, whom, I feared had different values than me. After all, I am not a money hungry person nor am I interested in manipulating others for their money. As a person of faith, I feared “these money-savvy people” won’t understand my simple belief system, and I was afraid to lose my values so near and dear to me.

Well, Debbie, within one session you deflated my misconceptions. Money was something that even I could talk about, and feel heard and understood at the same time. How surprised was I to find that a money coach/financial advisor could really listen to me and approach me with such respect?! How exciting to feel that I could break through those fears and step-by-step begin feeling empowered in the financial world! Yay! What a breakthrough! I know I have lots more to go until I reach my goals, but I am now excited to embark on the journey knowing that I have you as my guide. And, because your wonderful character was so present in our work together, I can rest assured that you will continue to show me how wise financial planning will G-d Willing enhance the values and the lifestyle that I hold so dear, rather than take me away from my priorities.

May you be blessed with continued success in all you do, and have the privilege of restoring peace and harmony in the hearts and homes of many a woman.”

M.S. | Happy Client

“I am very impressed by your kindness and caring – that you relate to the ‘real’ issues behind the apparent reason I came to consult you – and appreciate your courage in raising a sensitive issue.”

D.K. | Happy Client

“Dear Debbie,

I want to thank you, once again, for our session together. You are an incredibly wise and compassionate person, non-judgemental, and your simple common-sense approach to financial management together with your heart of gold is an unusually special combination. I walked out of our session today totally feeling empowered and understood. If I could, I would go out to the world and tell every woman, in any life situation, “go and treat yourself to a session with Debbie Sassen” because I know their lives will only be better because of it.

With thanks for your time, your generosity, your care, and wisdom,


(looking forward to next time!)”

Malka | Nutritionist

“HI Debbie,

Though we were certainly aware of parts of our financial position, we came to you to help us clarify where we stand financially and how to maximize our potential going forward, especially as we approach retirement.

With much gratitude to you, we are making progress with respect to finances. I am now able to intelligently monitor all of our accounts, which I do but not obsessively so. I also manage a relatively small amount, based on the principles we learned from you and the books you recommended. Our larger accounts are still managed professionally, though it seems that after fees, the accounts I manage are doing as well if not better than the others.

Still seems early, though in time and if this trend continues, I may take over the management of some or most of our other accounts. At some point, I trust that we will be in touch, especially as I anticipate questions will arise.

Just as we are grateful for what we learned from you, we trust that others will feel the same. Our only regret is that we did not learn of you much sooner.”

R.K. | Happy Client

“Dear Debbie,

You’re so upbeat and positive and most of all ENCOURAGING!!! Since your seminar, I have already had wills made up, and spoken to our 4 kids (ages 25-33) about our wills and even our desires regarding health care. My husband compiled a list of our assets and debts and where all the accounts are. Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday! Kol Hakavod on all the changes you are helping people make in their lives.”

Alyssa Friedland | Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Vision

“We worked intensely with Debbie Sassen for a few months to clarify our attitudes toward money and get our arms around our finances. While we don’t track every receipt, we do consider our purchases more wisely to ensure they fit in with our financial goals. Except for a car loan, we’re now out of debt. All in all, Debbie’s great. I warmly recommend her services to anyone trying to get a grip on their finances.”

Amy & Larry Kenigsberg | Happy Clients

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