Tovza, Loolie and Indiana Jones

Hey there!

Today I’m introducing you to two of my grandchildren – my granddaughter Shira Tova, Tovza for short, and my grandson Emanuel, a.k.a. Looli.

Although I still have young children of my own whom I love and adore, which you probably noticed from reading my last blog post, I’m revelling in my grandkids. You know the famous saying: If I’d have known grandchildren were this much fun I would have started with them first.

That’s me!

I squeal with excitement when they start crawling. I get all grandma-giddy when they doggedly try spooning applesauce into their own mouths and I jump up and down when they take their first steps.

I even take pictures.

And you know how it goes with children when they’re learning to walk – they push forward with iron will, determination and a sense of adventure. Kind of like Indiana Jones in search of the Lost Ark.

Except they’re too naïve to be scared of snakes.

First they crawl over to the couch and pull themselves up. But all too soon they lose their balance and….Plop.

On the floor.


Up they go. And down again. Stand up…fall down. Stand up…fall down.

Until at last, Eureka! They’re up. Stable. Holding their own.

And then, the cycle starts all over again:

First step. Plop. Another step. Plop. Two steps. Plop. Plop.

These kids never tire. They never give up.

At last – Celebrations. Excitement. You’re jumping up and down with glee.

That little bundle of joy is walking.

And before you know it, he’s running out the door. With mama chasing after him breathlessly trying to drag him home for bath time.

The amazing thing about kids is that no matter how many times they go plop, they keep picking themselves up and pressing onwards. Yes, some little tykes are more cautious and others are more daring. But by and large, they don’t fear failure. And who cares if they get it right the first time out?!

They just. keep. going.

And we’re cheering them on all the way.

But somewhere along the way, between the ages of 3 and 120 folks pick up the message that they can’t:

“I’m no good at art. I still draw a house as a square with a triangle on top.” (Ahem, that’s me)

“I’m no good at foreign languages. I failed French in school.”

“I’m no good at math. I’ll never be able to manage my money.”

But guess what? I’m here to tell you something different. With a little tenacity, determination and maybe even a little chutzpah, you can get right with your money.

And it helps to have a cheerleader jumping up and down on the side lines cheering you on.

Take for example my clients Michelle and Adam (not their real names). When we began working together 6 months ago, this professional couple was in overdraft. They’d used up their savings on vacations and “life’s little surprises” and they had no idea where their money was going. The realization that there was nothing left in reserve was pretty scary.

So we started like I do with all my coaching clients – at the beginning – tracking income and expenses and getting really, really clear on the numbers.

In the beginning, it’s not always easy.

In fact, Michelle sent me this email in February:

I am struggling a bit …feeling very confused. I am trying to enter payments …. and it all seems to roll into one long (endless) story. ..Can we maybe start over from the beginning of February with a clean slate?

And sometimes Michelle and Adam fell off the wagon, overspending on dining out and clothes for the grandkids (I get that one!)

But just like their tenacious grandchildren, whenever Michelle and Adam went “Plop”, they picked themselves up, dusted off their backsides and kept going. They successfully navigated holidays, hospitalizations and home renovations.

Fast forward to June.

Michelle and Adam know where their money’s going. They feel comfortable tracking their income and their expenses and planning their spending for the month ahead.

In our most recent session Michelle described feeling a little edgy around the spending boundaries she set for herself – kind of like that achy feeling you get when you start a new exercise routine. It hurts, but it’s a good hurt.

And you know you’re doing something really good and nourishing for yourself.

Michelle and Adam are now looking forward to bolstering their retirement nest egg.

Now, I don’t want to mislead you and have you thinking that (a) Michelle and Adam have completely turned around their situation and it’s all a bed of roses – it’s not; or (b) that you can straighten things out in six months. Some folks can and some folks need more time. It’s a process.

But regardless of your individual and unique situation, I’m here for you.

Jumping up and down, cheering you on and walking by your side as you finesse your financial journey.

So if you’re feeling like your money works could use a little more attention, I encourage you to reach out. My helping hand is waiting to support you.

And remember that little boy who’s running down the block escaping bath time? That’s my third grandchild “Tzvikush.”

I can’t wait to see you running with your money stuff. All the way to the bank.

With dearest blessings,

P.S. If you missed my last blog post It’s My Birthday, Celebrate with Me you can read it here.

P.P.S. I’ll be giving workshops at the AACI in Jerusalem on July 26th and 27th on the topic Discover Your Money Personality – Learn How your Money Personality Impacts Your Life, Your Relationships and Your Finances. Contact me for more details.

Tovza, Loolie and Indiana Jones Pin - Debbie Sassen


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