Two million dollars and money stress

two million dollars and money stress

Back in the day when I was a newbie fee-only financial planner, I had a client. A woman of means. With a $2 million inheritance.

We met every six months or so to review her portfolio and other financial stuff. One time, we ran over the scheduled two-hour time slot by 15 minutes. So I gave her a bill for two hours and 15 minutes, just like a lawyer would do.

At that moment, if you’d been listening carefully, you might have heard a pin drop. Because she was surprised and speechless that I charged for the extra time.

After doing a double take and composing herself, my client paid the fee and we parted ways. A short while later there was a scathing email in my inbox assailing me for charging for the extra 15 minutes.

Because people have thoughts about paying an unexpected 30 bucks. Even when they have 2 million bucks in their financial accounts.

As I expanded into financial coaching, working with money stress and triggers became the norm. Including:

  • Women with thriving businesses and 6-figure debt
  • Bold, brave solopreneurs, who ‘needed courage to meet with me’
  • Accomplished professionals who were underearning
  • Talented women who hadn’t raised their prices in four years
  • Intelligent business owners who were overspending
  • Smart women who weren’t saving for a rainy day, or retirement


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Two million dollars and money stress

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Newsflash: Money, stress, anxiety and avoidance aren’t due to defaults in your intelligence, ability, education, or your passion.

It’s because your subconscious money blocks are keeping you stuck.

According to the American Psychological Association, 72% of Americans feel stressed about their finances, significantly impacting their lives.

Unraveling your money story and rewiring your brain for wealth will transform your business and your life:

  • Clearing your money blocks brings healing, authority, and agency
  • Having more money gives you freedom and choice
  • Creating wealth means having a bigger impact
  • Having wealth money invites more opportunities
  • Receiving wholeheartedly means giving wholeheartedly


If you’re worried that time is running out, I have great news for you—your best years are ahead of you. There’s STILL time to create a fabulous business.

Six months from now, you could be in a whole new space.

Ready to work with me?

It’s time to get the money stress out of your way! If you’re ready to accelerate your business and create consistent 5-figure months, it’s time we work together. Let’s:

  • Uncover and release your generational money beliefs and fears
  • Unlock your passion and purpose
  • Create more confidence and courage for you and the people you’re here to serve
  • Increase your income
  • Build long-lasting wealth

I meet you where you are and support you on the journey to your transformed life—NO cookie-cutter approach. Because you deserve it!

Click here to apply here for 1:1 coaching.


P.S. — Here’s what Lisa says:
Debbie is an incredible 1:1 coach. In 3 sessions I’m already feeling calmer and more relaxed when it comes to money. I can’t wait to see what we create after 6 months!

Here’s the link to schedule your free 60-minute consult

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