When you ignore the consequences of ignoring reality

When you ignore the consequences of ignoring reality


You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.
~ Ayn Rand

Let me share a true story. I recently had a call with a woman. Let’s call her Sally.

A few years ago, 60-something Sally moved in with her mom to manage the home, the care, the caregivers, and the finances. Because her 90-something mom has dementia.

Sally’s new job is full-time. 24/7. Although she can take off a couple of weeks here and there for a holiday and to catch her breath.

But here’s the thing that flips me out.

Sally’s getting paid (out of her mom’s assets) less than the hired caregivers.

Sally’s not even earning a livable wage.

When we did the math to figure out how much someone would charge to do her job, it was two or three times what Sally’s paying herself.

Holy guacamole!

This is what happens when you ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.

When you ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!

Sally’s one brother is a doctor with three investment properties.

Her other brother is a lawyer with I dunno what assets.

And she’s working her heart and soul butt off taking care of mom and getting paid less than minimum wage.

Making a dinky little contribution to social security.

Holy smoke!

I know about the importance of honoring your mother and father.

I know about getting your reward in the next world.


… when Sally’s mom passes away at the end of 120 years, if there’s anything left of her mom’s assets they are going to be split three ways. And Sally’s not going to have enough money to take care of herself until her own passing.

Oh. Em. Gee.

S C A R Y!

This story isn’t unique. It repeats itself over and over and over again. The main characters in the play and the storyline might change slightly.


Here’s the truth.

It’s time for a REALITY check!

  • YOU need to take care of your financial future.
  • You DESERVE and need to earn more than a living wage.
  • You need MONEY in your retirement account.
  • It’s wonderful to care for others. For our parents, especially.


But we WOMEN have longevity on our side.

Statistically speaking 80%-90% of women are going to have to manage money on their own at some point in their life – because we’re going to outlive our partners, get divorced, or never got married…

Who’s going to take care of you?

How are YOU going to pay for it?



  • You CAN raise your prices
  • You CAN serve more people
  • You CAN stop overspending
  • You CAN say no to your kids
  • You CAN manage your money better
  • You CAN save more money
  • You CAN invest for YOUR future
  • You CAN ignore reality


But you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality. 

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