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Growing a thriving business doesn’t have to be THIS overwhelming.

What if you could create a 6-figure business without feeling sleazy, guilty, or compromising on your Jewish values, and build long-lasting wealth?

Maya Sasson, Lawyer & Notary
Mason Legal Services

Davii Mandel, CEO
Office Girlz Virtual Assistants

Ashira Zehavi
Voice and Life Coach

You’ve tried EVERYTHING

You bought the courses, started working on your mindset blocks, set up your website and socials, maybe even hired a coach for a while, and you saw an uptick in clients…

But somehow, you still work from sunrise to sunset.

Your bank account doesn’t even begin to reflect how much time and effort you put into your work and how much value you bring to your clients.

Because you’re not afraid of hard work.

In fact, you’ve been working hard to lift your business from the ground up, but it’s been slow.

And stressful. And just exhausting.

When things stagnate or a couple of days (or weeks!) pass without new leads, you can’t help but panic and wonder – “What am I doing wrong? I wish clients would just COME to me!”

That feeling of being stuck isn’t shifting, and neither are your numbers.

When you look around you, you see two things: 

Your colleagues, who seem to have it all together and are wildly successful.

And your community members, who don’t understand why you’re so ambitious and passionate about growing a business, because there are so few aspiring businesswomen around you.

Of course it’s overwhelming. 

But it doesn’t have to be.

A tried-and-true process for building a successful business without overworking or sacrificing your relationship with G-d.

At this point, you’re at a crossroads of “go big” or “go home”:

Either you continue playing small, undercharge, let your business run you…

Or you become who G-d always meant you to be:

A purpose-driven business owner who isn’t afraid of selling while bringing immense value to her clients. All while getting paid good money for it (on time!) and building your family’s financial freedom for the long term.

You KNOW you could get there if you just had the “know-how”, the information, and a process that works to bring you there…

I’ve helped 2,000+ entrepreneurs build and grow businesses they love, thanks to my proven 3-step process:

  1. Transform your relationship with money
  2. Master confident and ethical sales skills
  3. Run your business like a CEO

The good news is – 

When you know how this process works, everything in business becomes easier.

And I mean it. EVERYTHING.

  • Marketing
  • Closing sales
  • Navigating objections
  • Having money in your bank account
  • Money management
  • Time management
  • Calling in wealth

But you should also know this:

This process isn’t linear. 

So why should anyone treat it as one, show you the ropes, and leave you to it? 

If you really want to create MORE in your business and life, you need MORE guidance to get there.


Wired For Wealth

The only money mindset group program with sales strategy and unlimited access to weekly business mentorship to release money blocks, create consistent $5k-$10k monthly income, and build long-lasting wealth.

Let’s break it down:

What do you get in the Wired for Wealth Program?

A hands-on, practical, ongoing and unlimited coaching program where you show up, follow the process, and get everything you need to build a 6-figure business – without sacrificing your family or values.
You’ll also get access to these pre-recorded and selected modules:

Module 1:

Becoming the CEO of your business

Are you running your business, or is it running you? Taking back control starts here. Set income goals, manage your time, and design your course of action.

    • Write out a 3-year plan and set 90-day goals.
    • Discover how you can evaluate your results so you’re on a path towards success. 
    • Embrace everyone’s least favorite word: boundaries! And discuss what that means for you as you grow and scale.

Module 2:

Embracing your unique brilliance

There will never be another you. It’s time to embrace your unique brilliance and use it boldly to build your business.

    • Create your signature offer. The world is eagerly waiting to see what you have to share!
    • Hone in on your ideal client and set your best client standards. Don’t have those yet? In this module, you’ll learn how to create them.
    • How to set your price as a reflection of the VALUE and TRANSFORMATION your clients receive.

Module 3:

Mindset matters: managing your mind to create wild success

You can’t build your business thoughtfully when you’re overwhelmed, overstimulated, and overburdened. Learn how to manage your mind and save your sanity, so that you can slow down, rest and create repeated success with self-coaching tools.

Module 4:

Unraveling and rewriting your family of origin money story

How did your family handle money when you were growing up? This is your family of origin money story. It’s shaping who you are and how you act in your business. Let’s uncover it so you can clear it and rewrite it.

Module 5:

Healing your relationship with money

Say “goodbye” to shame! In this module, you’ll be packing up all the financial mistakes and bad decisions you’ve made with money and giving them a one-way ticket out of your business. 

Module 6:

Marketing, Visibility and Creating Demand

Learn how to show up in-person and online in an organic, authentic way. Talking to your people, sharing your genius and value, and building meaningful, trust-building relationships with your audience is the way to create overflowing demand.

Module 7:

Go from sleazy to sacred with every sale

Get my biggest business secret: The Sacred Sales Process. 

  • What it is and how you can implement it to change the way you do business. 
  • Sell from a clean place, stay out of your clients’ wallets, and sell as a sacred service to your people. (My clients call it ‘GOLD’!)
  • Learn my sales conversation evaluation process to boost your close rate to 100% of clients saying “yes” on the call.

Module 8:

Build solid financial foundations for your business - and your life

If your business was a house, this lesson would be the foundation it stands on. 

For starters, does your business have a bank account separate from your personal finances? Are you planning for profit? 

Set clear boundaries around banking, income, and expense so that revenue is easy to see (and enjoy!).

Set clear boundaries around banking, income, and expense so that revenue is easy to see (and enjoy!).

Module 9:

Building long-term wealth

You’re building long-term wealth to support you now AND in the future. 

Big wealth gives you the freedom to live your life well. You’ll get solid investment methods that will allow you to protect your money for years to come.

I will show you how to build your financial support dream team that has your back every step of the way.

Inside Wired for Wealth, you’ll also have unlimited live weekly coaching calls, monthly workshops, and access to a community of like-minded business owners where you’ll also get 1:1 support.

I know this process works because it’s exactly how I took my own business

from $40,000/year to create a $300,000/year business.

Hi, I’m Debbie.

A mother of 8, a former financial planner who worked on Wall Street, and a money coach for over a decade.

In 2018, I found myself in an ironic situation: I’d turned a blind eye to our terrible pension plan, squandered our investments, and earned pittance an hour.

Yes, even despite working with and around money for decades!

I discovered that all of those mistakes stemmed from the same place: my inner resistance and unconscious blocks to money.

I started my own coaching journey and learned different tools like thought work, nervous system healing, and EFT/tapping to help me resolve and relieve those money mindset blocks.

And then things started moving forward. Quickly.

After years of struggling to get my business beyond the $40,000/year mark, I broke through the 6-figure ceiling the same year I started healing my relationship with money. 

Every year since then, I’ve managed to steadily increase (and in some years, double) my revenue.

Now I’m on a mission to generate $10M in my next 10 years of business, and help others find and reach their ambitious business goals as well.

I know what it’s like to want to share your gifts and genius with the world and get paid what you deserve for the hours of training and experience you have – but feel like getting there will take SUCH a lot of time and effort.

But, business can be simple.

And I know how to take you from undercharging and feeling stuck, overwhelmed and frustrated, to Wired for Wealth.

Life Coach School certified
EFT certified

Because really, money IS and SHOULD be a beautiful thing:


Having more money gives you freedom and choice.


Creating wealth means making a bigger impact.


Having wealth invites opportunities.


Receiving money wholeheartedly means giving back wholeheartedly.

And sales can be:








Of service to your clients

You have been socialized to believe it’s icky and sleazy.

You have been conditioned to be the caregiver in your family, play small, and not talk about money.

You have been undercharging for far too long for the gifts you are sharing with the world.

And you know you cannot carry on burning the candle that is your business at both ends…

You’re here because you’re an intelligent, ambitious, purpose-driven business owner with G-d given gifts.

And you’re a dreamer.

Your dreams are important — they matter to G-d.


In Wired for Wealth, we help you wake up to G-d’s voice, create what only you can create, and achieve
your audacious goals.

This program includes unlimited coaching (yes, a real lifetime guarantee!) to help savvy business owners like you create consistent $5k-$10k months AND gain financial freedom.

And I’d love to have you join us.

Schedule a call and let’s see whether this is your next move.
No selling. No pushing. No weirdness.
Just a friendly human conversation.

Davii Mandel

My business started growing almost immediately.

After two years of very status quo, my business just started moving. Thank God I signed up with Debbie, I have signed on two new clients and have two more ready to go.

Davii Mandel, CEO

Office Girlz Virtual Assistants

I had tried to build my business on my own… I was failing and frustrated and didn’t know how to do it myself. But I knew that being small was going to make me so much less of who I was meant to be. 

My business has grown unbelievably in only 6 months. I hit months that I didn’t dream of hitting and enrolled a record number of clients while taking time off to celebrate my daughter’s wedding. 

It surprises me again and again how much Debbie believes in me and how far I can go.

Beverly Chimes

Life Coach for Leaders

Lauren Allen
Lauren Allen

I had no clue how to run a business, and Debbie helped me gain the information I lacked, and the money healing I needed.

“I knew that I needed a lot of Money Healing and eradicating a lot of beliefs. I was working on it myself and felt lost. I have actually gone to financial planners to try to see if I can get guidance that way, but they didn’t have the whole mindset part that I wanted. When I met Debbie, I told myself – ‘I can shoot ahead or keep crawling along’. It felt right. It felt like I was led to this.”

Esti Berlin

Mastery Life Coach & Energy Healer

“A group program? That’s not for me!”

Hold on for a second, I know what you’re thinking.

A lot of the participants inside Wired for Wealth had the same thoughts before they joined.

They were afraid to share where they were in business.

They thought it was going to be very hard to get 1:1 attention in a group setting. 

They thought it was impossible to progress when everyone has different types of businesses, or is in such different stages in business (and inside the program), that the advice they’ll hear in the weekly coaching sessions won’t apply to them. 

That isn’t the case here.

Lauren Allen

“I didn’t understand how Debbie would accommodate different people in a group. But I can communicate with her on a daily basis on Slack. It was major for me when I was crafting offers and trying to place them or doing sales calls and stuff and trying to figure things out.”

Beverly Chimes

Life Coach for Leaders

Lauren Allen

“I was actually terrified of a group coaching thing. I was fine with one-on-one. But being vulnerable in front of a group was very scary. And that was one of the things that was telling me if you’re that scared, you should probably do it.

One of the huge advantages of the program is Debbie’s availability. She’s really there. And if there’s something that is too personal, you can always DM her. I expected availability – I did not expect this level. I’m blown away by it.”

Dafna Breines

Copywriter & Content Strategist

The Jewish Entrepreneur Podcast Debbie Sassen | Business Resilience and Reinvention with Michal Kaye

“Being in Wired for Wealth is the experience of being with other women entrepreneurs who are CEOs and are willing to put the work into changing their mindset. It’s a family. We are very vulnerable and very honest with each other. And the tremendous amount of respect for each other and the tremendous respect that we get from Debbie within our business as a coach.”

Michal Kaye

Premium Event Planner & Business Coach

You will be part of a highly supportive community and build relationships with people who think like you, have struggles like you, and are working to create success like you. 

That WILL collapse time and create faster results for you, as it has for every single participant so far.

Watching your peers get coached or have their sales calls evaluated by me will answer questions you didn’t even know you had (or didn’t yet ask) and make you a better business owner.

Who you surround yourself with impacts your success. 

In this community, you will be surrounded by women who cheer you on and support you. 

We will watch with awe as you turn your dreams into reality.

We all are your biggest cheerleaders.

There’s one caveat…

To create sustained success and increase your revenue you will have to get uncomfortable. You will have to take risks, put yourself out there, and learn how to close
sales conversations confidently.


You are an innovator who’s open to experimenting, taking calculated risks and figuring out how to make your business work for you and your clients.

You’re ready to roll up your sleeves, stretch outside your comfort zone, and learn by doing.

You want to use the power of your mind to embrace business challenges, assess what’s happening, and get things done.

You’re done avoiding, repressing and resisting your relationship with money. You’re eager to rewrite your money story, get curious about the emotions and sensations coursing through your nervous system – and befriend them.

You acknowledge that there’s an unlimited amount of money in the world and no one can claim what’s meant for you.

You’re ambitious. You want to make more money serving your clients with excellence, keep more money in your bank account, and build long-term wealth.


You’re satisfied with the amount of money you’re making.

You need someone to tell you what to do every step of the way.

You think that delegation, automation and done-for-you sales scripts are the best (and only) way to grow your business.

You don’t view mindset as a critical part of creating a thriving business.

You don’t want to slow down or question your negative beliefs about money.

You believe there’s a limited amount of money in the world, you just weren’t given your fair share.

You see yourself as a victim of your life’s circumstances.


Is Wired for Wealth your next move?

Got questions?

As a savvy business owner, you might be wondering…

Q: When will the weekly calls take place and how long will they be?

We meet on Tuesdays for 90 minutes. 

We meet 3-4 times a month and take off one week for holidays, integration, and catch-up.

Call times are 11 am Israel/4 am ET and 5 pm Israel/10 am ET.

All sessions will be recorded and replays will be available in the Membership portal within 48 hours.

Q: When is Wired for Wealth open for enrollment?

The next enrollment window is March 6-18, 2024.

Q: My business is brand new. Can I still apply?

Yes, you can apply. New businesses can benefit from building strong money foundations and CEO skills from day one.

Q: What is your refund policy?

My clients agree to take full responsibility for their results inside of this coaching container and understand that Debbie Sassen Coaching Ltd. has a no-refund policy.

Q: Will 1:1 coaching support be part of the program?

Wired for Wealth is a hybrid group coaching program with a lot of 1:1 access and support. 

You’ll get a 1:1 onboarding session with me to create your path toward success.

In every weekly meeting, you’ll have the time and space to ask questions and get coached on anything that holds you back.

You’ll also have 1:1 access to me on Slack.

You’ll be a part of a supportive community, networking with fellow entrepreneurs, and building relationships with people who think like you, have struggles like you, and are working to create success like you. 

It will help you collapse time and create faster results.

Q: What’s the cost of the program and is there a payment plan?*

Wired for Wealth is a one-time payment of $6K or 6 monthly payments of $1100.

*Prices in USD. VAT additional for residents of Israel.

Please note that the payment plan option is for someone agreeing to pay the full price in installments This is not a cancel-anytime subscription.


Q: I don’t have a credit card. Do you have other types of payment?

Yes. We do accept wire transfers (in dollars or shekels), dollar payments via Wise, and shekel payments via Bit. We do not accept PayPal.

I really want to join and feel it’s the right time for me to do so, but I don’t have the money to invest.

Some of the current participants have been in your shoes before. If you’re done waiting in frustration, I will have ideas for you. Let’s talk.

Lauren Allen

Since working with Debbie, my income has increased

“When I found Debbie and her program, I was absolutely stuck in my business. I felt paralyzed and not able to do what I needed to grow. Since working with Debbie, my income has increased and it has forced me to think about my business in a whole new light.”

Faigy Pollock

Marriage & Intimacy Expert

Lily Clean

In all of my metrics, I have seen improvement

“Since working with Debbie, I did my first launch in August and I am now completing my second one. In all of my metrics, I have seen improvement. Improvement in the amount of sales calls I have scheduled and how many people are signing up for my program.”

Lily Aronin

Holistic Nutritionist

Lauren Allen

I learned it’s important to charge the value of what I’m giving.

“In the beginning, I had a lot of thoughts around feeling guilty for charging people because there is a part of me that wants to help everybody. I really learned through coaching with Debbie that it’s important to charge the value of what I’m giving, which is priceless.”

Lauren Allen

Nutrition Coach, Infertility & PCOS

Wired for Wealth

Unblock money blocks, sell with service, and rewire yourself for wealth.

wired for wealth

Weekly group coaching – for life!

1x monthly workshop – every month, for life!

Slack community to give you daily support and coaching

Friendly online portal filled with 15-minute training videos, worksheets, and event recordings to guide you through the Wired for Wealth 6-figure framework.

Lifetime access to all videos + materials + calls

Bonus 1: There Will Never Be Another You (daily journal)

Bonus 2: Sacred Sales Conversation Guide

Bonus 3: 30-Day Goal Workbook

Bonus 4: 90-Day Money Mood Journal

Bonus 5: 30-Day Income Sprint Workbook and Challenge Tracker

BONUS 1:1 Onboarding Session with me to evaluate your business, focus on your exact next steps, and stay out of overwhelm! 


Get face-to-face with your numbers, forgive your financial mistakes, and set audacious income goals


Set yourself a sustainable schedule that keeps you balanced instead of burnt out


Confidently show up in your marketing rather than feeling intimidated to be your full self


Tackle your sales conversations and feel deserving of receiving large amounts of money


Simplify your business so you have a clear plan and strategy, and less confusion for yourself and your prospects


Double your income in 90 days and then 10x your investment in one year

Your investment: $6000*

*Prices in USD. Payment plans available. VAT additional for residents of Israel.

In this unlimited, Lifetime Access group coaching program, you’ll go from:

Floundering freelancer to confident CEO.

‘Bashful money asker’ to audacious entrepreneur.

Time-wasting procrastinator to focused, inspired action-taker.

And you will have lifetime access to everything.

Weekly coaching, membership portal, the Slack Community…


I will coach your face off as you grow, stretch, challenge yourself, realize your dreams, and create a 6-figure business – and beyond!

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