Question for you.

Have you ever felt guilty asking for money?

Have you ever hit ‘undo’ on an email to quickly lower your pricing?

Have you ever wondered why your bank account seems consistently low even though you make ‘good’ money?

If you answered yes to any of the above, it’s time to release the money issues that are sabotaging your business
– even if you don’t realize it.

I’ll help you figure out if this program is a good fit.

Lauren Allen

My income has increased and it has forced me to think about my business in a whole new light

When I found Debbie and her program, I was absolutely stuck in my business. I felt paralyzed and not able to do what I needed to grow. Since working with Debbie, my income has increased and it has forced me to think about my business in a whole new light.

Faigy Pollock, Marriage & Intimacy Expert | Wired for Wealth Client

Let’s get to know each other better.
Tell me, which one of these sounds like you?

The Hustler

I want more revenue. So I stay up ‘til 2am every night. I mean that’s just how it works when you set up a business, amiright?

The Heading-Toward-Burnout Entrepreneur

I’m desperate to sloooow down and stop juggling glass balls that feel as though they’re about to smash. Self care?
What’s that?

The How-Much-Can-They-Afford Pricer

I hate how grapsy I feel when clients ask how much I charge. I’ll say a number, hold my breath and hope they accept. And then kick myself when they say it’s too expensive.

The Serial Procrastinator

My problem is I know what to do, but I just. can’t do. it. Seriously, I’ll sit down to work and before you know it another day is gone doing I-don’t-know-what.

The Financial Flusterer

The worst part of my year is tax seasons. Gah. Numbers, receipts, income analyzing. I hate it all. Pension plan? Forget about it, I barely know where the water bill is.

No shame if you say all. We’ve all been there.

Can I ask you something else?

How often did you hear your parents argue about money?

Has anyone ever told you ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’?

Is there a wealthy relative your family loves ranting about?

Maybe you even witnessed your parents hiding purchases, being secretive, dismissive, betraying or down right financially abusive.

Blame. Shame. Guilt. Pleasure. Anger. Fear.

When it comes to moolah, most of us weren’t taught anything useful about it.

In fact, lots of folks grew up learning negative – even toxic – money messages from their parents, family, and community.

So we’re all pretty much set up to make money mistakes.

It’s wired into us.

What you may not have realized is:
The way you show up in your business is deeply affected by your money story.

Crippling feelings about money – like shame, guilt, and fear – keep you trapped, and block you from creating the financial comfort and abundance you desire.

It also stops you from:

  • raising your prices
  • asking for what you’re worth
  • selling with confidence no matter how much experience you have
  • signing clients consistently
  • invoicing your clients and asking them to pay you

Read that again. Know what that’s called?

Financial sabotage.

Bottom line:
Your relationship with money is impacting you (way) more than you think.


The crazy part? Most people will never realize or heal the money stuff that shows up in their lives.

I’m on a mission to change that for you.

Because really, money is and should be a beautiful thing.

Having more money gives you freedom and choice.

Creating wealth means making a bigger impact.

Having wealth invites opportunities.

Receiving money wholeheartedly means giving back to the world wholeheartedly.

You’re here because you’re an intelligent, ambitious, purpose-driven business owner.

Back when you started your business, laying down the foundation was the ‘easy part’.

You did all the things.

Setting up your website or socials.

Writing up a sales script.

Maybe even hiring a social media coach.

But when things stagnate or a couple of days pass without new leads, you can’t help but panic and wonder.

I know I’m supposed to do something differently, but HOW?

If only the clients would just COME to me.

So you hire marketing coaches, listen to podcasts, read blogs and maybe even redesign your website.

But that feeling of stuckness isn’t shifting, and, neither are your numbers.

You feel frustrated, paralyzed, hopeless and stuck in negative self-talk. You want the joy of your business back.

And now you’re here.

You’re reading this sales page wondering if this program might be the ‘thing’ that fixes it all.

Here’s what I know. Your blocks to money are holding you back from creating the life, business, and income that you crave.

And they run deep.

In fact, the way you relate to money was wired into you wayyy before you started your latest reels course.

Money blocks linger and sabotage us at a cellular level until we rewire our money programming and rewrite our stories.

Even if you do the work of showing up, if you’re:

  • wishy washy about money
  • in doubt about how much you can charge
  • lacking confidence
  • honing your messaging and still not moving the financial needle…

Then I can tell you with confidence it’s the sneaky money stories that keep you small, procrastinating, and unable to create wealth again and again and again.

Clearing your money blocks and healing your relationship with money is the final frontier.

here’s the good news

When you heal your relationship with money, everything else in business becomes easier.

And I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

  • Closing sales
  • Navigating objections 
  • Marketing
  • Money management
  • Time management
  • Calling in wealth
  • Having money in your bank account
    (instead of constantly wondering where the heck it all went)

I know this intimately because it’s exactly how I went from owning a $40,000/year business to creating a $300,000/year business.

Who even am I?

I’m Debbie.

I’ve worked as a Financial Planner and Money Coach for over a decade.

Six years ago, I discovered the transformational power of EFT Tapping. With this tool I was able to dig deeper and uncover my inner resistance and unconscious blocks to money – and change them.

The very blocks that led me to turn a blind eye to our terrible pension plan, squander our investments and earn pittance an hour, even while I worked as a Financial Planner.


After several years of stagnancy, I started shifting the mindsets and beliefs I had around money. And things started to change. Very quickly.

I felt more confidence in my worth and the value I was sharing – and my clients sensed it.

I closed sales calls consistently – and my bank account reflected it.

And now, I help my clients do the same.

I want you to unleash all of your brilliance, sell with confidence, and get paid handsomely.

I am committed to bringing you this powerful coaching program and igniting your transformation.

Life Coach School certified
EFT certified

Bottom line, to build and sustain a successful business, you need to get really, really cozy with your money.

We’re talking hot-cocoa-in-a-fluffy-duvet kinda cozy.

You’ll need to master the mindsets that will help you ask for more money, receive it, and build long-term wealth.

And that’s exactly what I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs do.


Wired For Wealth

The only money mindset program with sales strategy and business mentorship that directly works to release money blocks, create consistent $5k-$10k monthly income,
and build long-lasting wealth.

Davii Mandel

My business started growing almost immediately.

After two years of very status quo, my business just started moving. Thank God I signed up with Debbie, I have signed on two new clients and have two more ready to go.

Davii Mandel, CEO, Office Girlz Virtual Assistants | Wired for Wealth Client

In this Lifetime Access group coaching program, we’ll transform you from:

Floundering freelancer to confident CEO.

‘Bashful money asker’ to audacious entrepreneur.

Time-wasting procrastinator to focused, inspired action-taker.

Together we’ll master your money, mindsets, marketing and even your minutes.


Get face to face with your numbers, forgive your financial mistakes, and set audacious income goals

Master your time and set yourself a sustainable schedule that keeps you balanced rather than burnt out

Confidently show up in your marketing instead of feeling intimidated

Tackle your sales conversations and feel confident asking for and receiving large amounts of money

Simplify your business so you have a clear plan and strategy, and less confusion for yourself and your prospects

Make your money back and then 10x your investment 

There’s one caveat:

To create sustained success and increase your revenue you will have to get uncomfortable. You will have to take risks, put yourself out there, and learn how to close
sales conversations confidently.


You want someone to tell you what to do every step of the way.

You think delegation, automation and done-for-you sales scripts are the best way to grow your business.
You don’t view mindset as a critical part of creating a thriving business.
You don’t want to slow down, question your negative beliefs about money, or befriend your nervous system.
You think there’s a limited amount of money in the world and you weren’t given your fair share.
You’re okay with accepting that you’re a victim of circumstances.
You’re satisfied with the amount of money you’re making.


You are an innovator who’s open to experimenting, taking calculated risks and figuring out how to make your business work for you and your clients.
You’re ready to roll up your sleeves, stretch outside your comfort zone, and learn by doing.
You want to use the power of your mind to embrace business challenges, assess what’s happening, and get things done.

You’re done avoiding, repressing and resisting your relationship with money. You’re eager to rewrite your money story, get curious about the emotions and sensations coursing through your nervous system – and befriend them.

You know there’s an unlimited amount of money in the world and no one can claim what’s meant for you.
You’re ambitious. You want to make more money serving your clients with excellence, keep more money in your bank account, and build long-term wealth.

We’re kicking off September 5, 2023

When you join Wired for Wealth, we focus ONLY on what is essential for you to recoup and then 10x your investment while managing the mental drama that can keep you stuck.

I give you unlimited coaching so that you get the personalized help you need
to apply the materials and create success.


Lauren Allen

I learned it’s important to charge the value of what I’m giving.

In the beginning, I had a lot of thoughts around feeling guilty for charging people because there is a part of me that wants to help everybody. I really learned through coaching with Debbie that it’s important to charge the value of what I’m giving, which is priceless.

Lauren Allen, Nutrition Coach, Infertility & PCOS | 1:1 Coaching Client

Let’s break it down:

What do you get in the Wired for Wealth Program?

Module 1:

Becoming the CEO of your business

  • Ever feel like your business is running you instead of you running your business? #guilty It’s time to take back  control. That means setting income goals, managing your time, and doing hard things.
  • We will write out a 3-year plan, set 90-day goals, and discover how you can evaluate your results so you are on a path towards success. 
  • We will embrace everyone’s least favorite word: boundaries! And discuss what that means for you as you grow and scale.

Module 2:

Embracing your unique brilliance

  • There will never be another you. It’s time to embrace your unique brilliance and use it boldly to build your business.
  • Create your signature offer. It’s time the world sees what you have to share!
  • We’ll hone in on your ideal client and set your best client standards. Don’t have those yet? It’s time to create them.
  • You’ll learn how to set your price as a reflection of the VALUE and TRANSFORMATION your clients receive. 

Module 3:

Mindset matters: managing your mind to create wild success

  • Do you ever feel like your mind is running 80 miles an hour? You can’t  build your business thoughtfully when you are overwhelmed, overstimulated, and overburdened. Together, we are going to learn how to manage your mind and save your sanity, so that you can slow down, rest and create WILD success.
  • You’ll transform limiting beliefs to money making beliefs – and actions – using our self coaching tools.

Module 4:

Unraveling and rewriting your family of origin money story

  • How did your family handle money when you were growing up? Realize it or not, this is your family of origin money story. It’s shaping who you are and how you act in your business. Let’s uncover it so you can clear it and rewrite it.

Module 5:

Healing your relationship with money

  • We are saying “goodbye” to shame! That’s right, we are packing up all the financial mistakes and bad decisions that you have made with money and giving them a one-way flight out of your business. Together, we’ll heal your relationship with money and learn to forgive ourselves so that we can propel forward. Shame, who?

Module 6:

Marketing, Visibility and Creating Demand

  • You will learn how to show up in-person and online in an organic, authentic way. Talking to your people, sharing your genius and value, and creating meaningful relationships with your audience – before someone hits the buy button. Overflowing demand is created through connection and trust.

Module 7:

Go from sleazy to sacred with every sale

  • In one of my most prized lessons, I’ll share with you my biggest business secret: The Sacred Sales Process. What it is and how you implement it will change the way you do business. You’ll learn how to sell from a clean place, stay out of your clients’ wallets, and sell as a sacred service to your people. Trust me, this is a good one. My clients call it ‘GOLD’.
  • Learn my sales conversation evaluation process to boost your close rate to 100% of clients saying yes on the call.

Module 8:

Build solid financial foundations for your business - and your life

  • If your business was a house, this lesson would be the foundation it stands on. For starters, does your business have a bank account separate from your personal finances? Are you planning for profit? You’ll learn how to set clear boundaries around banking, income and expense so that revenue is easy to see (and enjoy!)

Module 9:

Building long-term wealth

  • You’re building long-term wealth to support you now AND in the future. Big wealth gives you the freedom to live your life well. I’ll be sharing solid investment methods that will allow you to protect your money for years to come. Comfort, guaranteed!
  • I will show you how to build your financial support dream team that has your back every step of the way.

Together we’ll dive into:



Rewrite and rewire your family of origin money story. When you release the limiting financial identity that’s holding you back, you expand your capacity to receive more money. I’ll teach you how to plan for the profits that will build you long-term wealth.



I’ll teach you how to uncover the magic of elevating the quality of clients that you attract. As you get comfortable being more visible and showing up authentically, you’ll create meaningful relationships with your people and grow your audience… without paying for Facebook or Instagram ads. 



Discover the signature offer that only you can share with your clients and learn how to sell it without being sleazy or gross. Before we finish, you will be selling with confidence as a sacred service to your clients – and yourself! 

ceo skills

CEO Skills

Step up as the CEO of your business and create MORE. More money, more clients, more time and more processes that will generate MORE for your life. When you set boundaries and set goals – and believe you will reach them – you become the CEO who does.

Lily Clean

In all of my metrics, I have seen improvement

Since working with Debbie, I did my first launch in August and I am now completing my second one. In all of my metrics, I have seen improvement. Improvement in the amount of sales calls I have scheduled and how many people are signing up for my program.

Lily Aronin, Holistic Nutritionist | Wired for Wealth Client

I created this program with unlimited coaching and lifetime access to help savvy business owners create consistent $5k-$10k months AND financial freedom.

I’d love to have you join us.

I’ll read your application, meet you on the sales call, and we’ll chat about
whether this is your next move.
No selling. No pushing. No weirdness.
Just a friendly human conversation.

Wired for Wealth

Unblock money blocks, heal your relationship with money, and rewire yourself for wealth.

wired for wealth

Weekly group coaching

Monthly workshops

Slack community to give you daily support and coaching

Friendly online portal filled with 10-15 minute training videos, worksheets, and event recordings to guide you through the Wired for Wealth 6-figure framework.

Lifetime access to all videos + materials + calls

Bonus 1: There Will Never Be Another You (daily journal)

Bonus 2: Sacred Sales Conversation Guide

Bonus 3: 30-Day Goal Workbook

Bonus 4: 90-Day Money Mood Journal

Bonus 5: 30-Day Income Sprint Workbook and Challenge Tracker

Your investment*

Wired for Wealth

$6000 one-time payment
$1100 x6 monthly payments

Wired for Wealth PREMIUM (includes 8 1:1 coaching calls)
$10,000 one-time payment
$1800 x6 monthly payments

*Prices in USD. VAT additional for residents of Israel.

BONUS 90-minute Strategy Session! Enroll by August 29, 2023 to get dedicated time with me to work on your business and GET THINGS DONE!

Here’s some of what we we’ll do:

  • Create a clear process & result for your packages that has people saying YES on the sales call
  • Write email sequences that create interest & excitement (not boredom & unsubscribes)
  • Get the financial bottom line for your money so you know how much you REALLY need to run your business and your life, plan accordingly and avoid financial fire drills


Wired for Wealth is a curriculum-based coaching program that includes: unlimited weekly coaching calls, monthly workshops, and selected pre-recorded modules. This program has been curated to give you
everything you need to build a $150K business—without
burnout or sacrificing your family. 

See what Wired for Wealth students accomplish daily

Got questions?

Here’s what savvy entrepreneurs ask.

Q: When will the weekly calls take place and how long will they be?

A: We’ll meet on Tuesdays for 90 minutes. We’ll meet 3-4 times a month and take off one week for holidays, integration, and catch up.

Call times are 11am Israel/4am ET and 5pm Israel/10am ET

All sessions will be recorded. Replays will be available in the Membership portal within 24 hours, because life happens.

Q: Will 1:1 coaching support be part of the program?

A: I totally get it. I love working with a 1:1 mindset coach… AND being a part of a group coaching program.

If you would like 1:1 support, Wired for Wealth PREMIUM is for you. In addition to the group calls, you get a monthly 1:1 coaching session with me. It’s the best of both worlds.

Because being part of a robust supportive community, networking with fellow entrepreneurs, and building relationships with people who think like you, have struggles like you, and are working to create success like you, will help you collapse time and create faster results.

Watching your peers get coached answers questions you didn’t even know you had (or didn’t yet ask) and makes you a better business owner.

AND you receive 1:1 coaching to sort out and refine your unique strategy, dissolve your individual money blocks, tweak your mindset, heal what needs to be healed, and build what wants to emerge from you.

Who you surround yourself with impacts your success. In this community you will be surrounded by coaches and peers who cheer you on and support you. We are your biggest cheerleaders. 

Q: When does the program start?

A: Enrollment to Wired for Wealth is always open. The first coaching call is Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Q: My business is brand new. Can I still apply?
A: Yes, you can apply. New businesses can benefit from building strong money foundations and CEO skills from day one.
Q: What’s the cost of the program and is there a payment plan?*

A: Wired for Wealth is a one time payment of $6K or 6 monthly payments of $1100.

Wired for Wealth PREMIUM (includes 8 1:1 coaching calls) is a one time payment of $10,000 or 6 monthly payments of $1800.
*Prices in USD. VAT additional for residents of Israel.

Please note that the payment plan option is for someone agreeing to pay the full price in installments This is not a cancel-anytime subscription.

Q: I don’t have a credit card. Do you have other types of payment?
A: Yes. We do accept wire transfers (in dollars or shekels), dollar payments via Wise, and shekel payments via Bit. We do not accept PayPal.
Q: What is your refund policy?

A: My clients agree to take full responsibilty for their results inside of this coaching container and understand that Debbie Sassen Coaching Ltd. has a no refund policy.

Still reading?
That’s because this is deeply resonating.

You could keep doing what you’ve always done.

Burning the midnight oil.
Feeling guilty for charging money.
Hitting ‘undo’ on your sent emails and revising the price.
Biting your nails with bated breath to see whether they agree.
Panicking when your numbers dip.
Closing your eyes to the financial disarray around you.

Or you could finally release the money blocks that sabotage you.

You could heal your relationship with money so you can ask and receive large amounts of money.

You can rediscover the joy of your business by closing sales conversations consistently.

You can show up in the world unafraid to take up space and spread your impactful message.

Here’s my take:

I believe that when you feel aligned with something and you have the courage to just go for it and invest in yourself and your business, you’re going to get back ten times what you paid for it.

And I’m here to support you throughout every week of your journey.

The best part?
You have lifetime access to everything.
Weekly coaching, Membership portal, the Community…

We will coach your face off until you create
a 6-figure business.

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